Four of the most awesome minutes of TV of all time

Here is the ‘extended remix’ of Rasmus Paludan from the TV debate in Denmark. The Youtube video was predictably pulled by power punks at Google, but we grabbed it first and Tania Groth was good enough to subtitle it for us.

Get the beer and the pork rinds and enjoy.


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  1. Moderator: Saying that the majority of muslims act peacefully, but they do not. Every government office has a prayer room for them. Food is halal on the high street. Every accommodation made to ‘peaceful muslims,’ and the politicised police services 24/7 across the West trying to prevent mass killings. Population replacement.

    Useful Idiot Socialists. Communists are waiting for the collapse.

  2. Those smirking Danes, hear his words but can’t listen because of all the pc/multicultural crap rattling around in their heads.

  3. I doubt it was just me that experienced really jumpy subtitles. Fortunately, I understand just enough Danish to listen through the odd gaps and hurried catch-ups.

    Be very glad heroes like Tania Groth and Rasmus Paludan still have real Viking blood in their veins. Tusind tak.

  4. That was awesome. What an inoculation of un-watered down truth. This vegetarian is running for the pork rinds. The other Danes heads are about to explode … one is smirking, one looks gobsmacked, one looks like he is about to start giggling hysterically, one looks scared, one is confused, another angry … because somewhere, way down in the back of their brains, they hear the truth trying to scream but their years of “education” suppresses it. They short circuit. Mental illness. I see it when I talk to leftists all the time, especially when you point out the hypocrisy. They just kind of smile, and pretend to be thinking about what you said but actually the circuit breakers are tripped. They know you are speaking common sense. But their identity as a politically correct liberal, a “good” person, must stay intact, even in the face of overpowering truths. At the expense of their families and their people. The lights go out.

  5. If the disease of political correctness infects half of any western population while scaring into submission another 25%, the opposite proportions seem about right for former Soviet-block countries. There are baby boomers there, remarkably, who still hearken for the dark days of communism. These are people who knew nothing else until 1990. In many ways they were a generation ruined beyond repair. Their indoctrination was complete, and freedom imposed itself like a cold shower. Free markets, standing on your own two feet, no work no pay–were a shock for many softened by the cradle-to grave promises. Now, beyond the self-employed ranks of the west you get much of the same.

    The free man makes his own lunch. The socialist feels the free man should make lunch for him. The communist steals lunch at gunpoint. The parasitic tard enters into this equation a decimal point, scheming until it becomes a real number.

    • There are baby boomers there, remarkably, who still hearken for the dark days of communism.… a generation ruined beyond repair.

      My Russian friends here would agree emphatically. They’re terrifically frustrated with family and friends “back home”.

  6. The communist steals lunch at gunpoint.

    Old personals ad:

    Communist with knife and fork seeks Capitalist with steak and lobster dinner.

  7. Damn, would someone work on those subtitles? I fear that leftists will discredit the video much quicker with these jumpy subs…

  8. Truer words are not often heard these days. His description of the so called ‘peaceful’ Islam transforming once they reach a majority has been seen over and over again all over European countries. It is about time people wake up to that fact.

    • The one mistake he made was that they wait till they are a majority. They seem to start major agitations for sharia compliance at around 7%

  9. As the saying goes…
    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
    becomes a revolutionary act. — George Orwell

    So true.

    The truth can be painful to hear but not to listen will be 100 times more
    painful, especially for your offspring if you neglect to act on the truth.
    The Viking

  10. The “is it down?” sites all say Bitchute is up, but none of my devices or browsers can open the site.

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