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11 Replies to “There it is. What more does anyone need”

  1. More details on above video –

    video – 19 minutes 31 seconds
    August 5, 1989 – The ultimate objective of Muslim education in America is to make all of America Muslim.

  2. Sharifa Alkhateeb, 1989, she has been pushing Islam for many years. She helped to get cultural (Islam) classes in American public schools with the hope of converting American children. Creeping Shariah and this is allowed.

  3. This blows my mind. This woman is not in a bubble so there will be thousands or more in America who think as she thinks. Once again the Tard speaks its intentions so plainly that the person on the street just doesn’t notice. She says the final objective is to make all of America Muslim. If this doesn’t break any laws then it should, and this surpasses any classical liberal ideals in that it would require the legal framework of sharia to be implemented. We’d all be better off if it were full-blown kinetic now rather than lose ground year after year with this taqiyya bullshit. When she speaks Allah’s name she doesn’t say “peace be upon him”. Therefore she is speaking in the service of taqiyya.

  4. We must stop using the term ‘Islamic Extremists’ and start using the term ‘Islamic Supremacists’ – it is much more accurate.

  5. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005.
    It’s “occupied” by popularly elected warlords. Not so popular now? You own it or it owns you.

    Gaza is the future of all the no-go zones in Europe, wherever else they take hold.

    Witches like this one, demanding autonomy as the vulnerable face of the devils who OWN them.
    Then you’ll have little Gazas pullulating all around you. A string of tardish hellholes to call your own.

    And you’ll deserve it.
    You bought this load of bull with your jooo-hate. That’s why you so readily believe transparent lies.
    Feed your shallow dignity, even that won’t last. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

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