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5 Replies to “Barry Webb on the meaning of the Black Flag of Jihad”

  1. Are you thinking of Hizb ut-Tahir?
    Very interesting about the flags!
    (Though I get creeped-out when I hear the whole ILL-la-la phrase {spit}, make the mal de ojo sign. )

  2. The Flags of Islam
    Source (#1) While the “Black Flag of Jihad” is flying over a country, they show the country neither respect nor allegiance until they fly the White Flag of Dar al-Islam.
    The black flag that Islam uses is called the ‘Al Raya’ and it is the flag of jihad when it is black with white or silver letters. It is flown to mean that Moslems are in ‘Dar al-Harb’ or, the ‘world of war’, meaning that they have not yet conquered this land and they “must wage jihad on it till they (us) feel themselves subdued with willing submission.”
    When the flag is white with black letters, it means that they are in Dar al-Islam, or, the already conquered land where Shariah is the Law of the Land and Moslems rule.

    Source (#2) In Mujahid terminology to refer to the black flag as al-Raya and the white flag as al-Liwa’, after the terms of the black and white flags flown by Muhammad according to the hadith. The white flag is sometimes identified as the “flag of the Caliphate” while the black one is dubbed the “flag of Jihad”.

    Source (#3) “The day will soon come when the green flag of La Illah Illah “Allah” (There is no god but “Allah”) and Muhammad Rasul Allah (Muhammad is the “Prophet” of “Allah”) will be raised upon… all around the world and on the fortresses of those who want to destroy Islam.

  3. The Beast has risen. It has a flag. The flag is black. The flag has been raised and all those that follow the Beast see it. And when their Caliph/AntiChrist is revealed, they are to crawl through ice and snow to join the fight. (Their own words.) They know the prophecies.
    To the opposite: John the Apostle, in the visions given by God before the Messiah returns, saw 200 million of them crossing the Euphrates, that dries up, for the all out attack on Israel. The demons that are there are in the Euphrates region are unleashed and all out war begins. The Book of the Revelation of the Messiah, also tells us that unless He comes and stops it all, there would be no flesh be saved. But for His elect… He will stop it all.
    So the jihadists will PUSH THE BUTTON. Zechariah (5) had visions of ICBMS flying through the air. He thought they looked like scrolls. He even give the dimensions of them. He says they are set up on their base in the land of Shinar… modern day Iran, Syria, Iraq. Joel and many other prophets, also had visions of fire and columns of smoke exploding, that “consumes both wood and stone.” It has started.

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