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3 Replies to “JAMES WOODS BANNED from Twitter? Ok everyone, get on Gab and now”

  1. Minutes, or less, into every video lately, from Vlad Tepes, the video stops and I get the “aw snap” notice, “something went wrong while displaying this webpage” suggestions are available and there is a reload feature. By past repeated experience, the problem never gets fixed.

    I do wonder if this is affecting your traffic.

    • Please screenshot it and send it to me? I would like to see that. I have never had that error.

      Videos are being embedded from two sites this week. Bitchute.com and bit.tube

      It would be interesting to know if this is happening from both sites.

      Also, bit.tube is launching a new and improved platform in June. I have reasonable expectations that it will work MUCH better than it does now.

      We all MUST move to distributed systems as increasingly, far left extremists and muslims have taken control of centrally distributed info hubs like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. So there may be growing pains for us while we adapt.

      Also you may want to try other browsers. Many people are watching all the videos all the way through with no problems. Try Chrome or Brave with the shields down.

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