Venezuela, Sudan, UK, Islam has infected them all to the worse: Links 1, May 2, 2019

1. Sudan: Muslim leaders demand sharia be implemented by the military council

2. Angela Davis:

3. Catholic Mass services in Sri Lanka are cancelled for a second weekend after warnings of two possible attacks on churches

Catholic services are being cancelled for a second weekend in Sri Lanka’s capital amid fears of fresh bomb attacks.


The Church received ‘specific information of two possible attacks against churches’ and it was decided to call off the May 5 mass, a spokesman for Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said Thursday.


‘On the advice of the security forces, we have decided not to have Sunday masses in any of the churches,’ the spokesman said.

(I forget where I read it, I will try and find it, possibly a video, but it seems that the phrase, “Easter-worshippers”, used by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama after the islamic jihad attack on Christians in Sri Lanka, is actually an islamic derogatory term for Christians.

So I guess that means its officially sanctioned now that we can refer to muslims as “Arse lifters”.)

4. MI5: Radical Islamic Terrorism Remains ‘Most Acute’ Threat to the British People

Radical Islamic terrorism remains the most acute security threat to the United Kingdom, according to the Director-General of MI5.

Writing in the London Evening Standard, Andrew Parker confirmed that “of the multiple terrorist threats facing the UK, Islamist terrorism remains the most acute.

“The abhorrent events in Sri Lanka are a stark and tragic reminder of terrorists’ determination and ongoing ability to perpetuate misery through launching large-scale attacks. There is no doubt that the fall of the so-called caliphate in Syria marked a significant military defeat and a hugely symbolic loss for Islamic State, but we must not be complacent.”

5. How many Venezuelans is Maduro willing to get killed for him to hang on to power a little longer? THIS many:

6. BBC paves ground for totalitarian moves against classical liberals:

(Notice how the BBC uses one certified false-flag, Chemnitz, and another questionable event in Virginia, to justify the rest of this bilge, but written in soporific and self congratulatory style of The Atlantic. For anyone uncertain about Chemnitz, it was a Merkel-ANTIFA false flag where locals in the German town of Chemnitz, (where a number of people including young girls), had been raped and murdered by illegal muslim migrants, were then accused of “hunting migrants” based on some out of context video shot by Antifa and selectively edited. The media and Merkel’s establishment went full bore with it to try and turn the victims of rape and murder into the villains.

The head of domestic German intel came out in an official press conference and state factually that this never happened and the footage was faked. As a result, Merkel had him removed from office. All the videos on this can be found at

7. I cannot find the words either:

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, EB., Pym Purnell and everyone who scoured the net for the horror that is the world at the moment.




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  1. 5 – They may be in uniform but they aren’t soldiers, this fact makes them more dangerous to the civilians then if they were soldiers.

    6 – The British Politicians are proving my fathers statement that Politicians are by definition crooks, liars and Horses Asses. This is sick.

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