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4 Replies to “A worthy 2 minutes on evil, and communism”

  1. “Though we may be learned by another’s knowledge, we can never be wise but by our own experience”>Michel de Montaigne<
    This is so true, but it seems a lot of People in the West haven't had enough experience with Islam/Socialism/Communism to become WISE and if they had, how long did the Wisdom last?
    As long as it took for them to die and tumble into the Mass-grave perhaps?

    • Many will “die and tumble into the Mass-grave”, no doubt.
      But many MORE will discover something inside themselves that would never be apparent under ordinary circumstances. It’s a fact: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

      The expression in Ladino, eje diamontino, in English “diamond axis”, isn’t quite right. It means: there’s a perfect, bright, and infinitely strong core within a person. It’s there, it’s enduring, and it’s waiting to be retrieved.

      Ladino usage in this context is ironic. It's a language that's just about extinct. The great population reservoir was murdered by the Nazis.

  2. Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same evil totalitarian coin, people who forget or ignore this are condemning the rest of us to a major war.

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