Trump, guns, muslims pregnant with death, ANTIFA fascists thugging democracy: Links 1, April 27, 2019

1. President Trump and Sean Hannity April 25, “tables have turned”

2. Should cops ditch their guns? New Zealand sets example some think Canada should follow

Last week, New Zealand police announced they were beginning the transition back to “normal” policingmore than a month after a man shot and killed 50 people during the Christchurch mosque attacks. By normal, they mean the vast majority of police officers on the streets will go back to not carrying a gun.


That idea — that most cops should not be carrying guns unless the situation clearly warrants it — is commonplace in countries like New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and the United Kingdom. For years now, it’s been touted by some as a potential solution to the number of people in North America killed during interactions with cops.

(I could and should write a whole essay on this topic.But here is how it would round out.

In a society where you have a homogenous population that believes they are ‘all in it together’ you can certainly have a police force that is unarmed so long as the public is, so police can borrow a firearm at times when needed, as the British constabulary did not that long ago. Many many Britons are still alive that remember that time.

But in a society where you import violent gangs who rule by force and the local and federal laws submit to that gang’s demands because of threat of force, having an unarmed police means only surrender, to whoever is capable of using the most force. It means an Islamic State in short order. So no wonder New Zealand wants to do it. Every mosque will become the new police station in under a year after that. Please note that NZ did not place guards at Synagogues or Churches after those two mosques were attacked, yet after HUNDREDS were slaughtered by Muslims in the name of Islam in Sri Lanka, it is MOSQUES that enjoy state protection.

Something is rotten in the Western World. And it did not leak from Denmark. Notice the next item:

3. The BBC earns our most heartfelt contempt again today like it does every day. Lets compare reality to BBC’s multiculti distopian sales job:

Sri Lanka bomber Jameel Mohamed ‘under police surveillance’ while he plotted attack

The Easter Sunday suicide bomber who lived and studied in the UK had been under police surveillance in Sri Lanka for years, it emerged on Thursday. […]


British intelligence officers are combing through Jameel Mohamed’s connections made in the UK to determine whether he could have been radicalised in this country. He flew into the UK on January 1 2006 and lived in a rented bedsit in Tooting in south London before flying home at the end of September 2007. He returned again in 2008.

TODAY: Sri Lanka gun battle with militants kills 15, U.S. pulls citizens out

COLOMBO (Reuters) – A gun battle between troops and suspected Islamist militants on Sri Lanka’s east coast left 15 dead, including six children, a military spokesman said on Saturday, six days after suicide bombers killed more than 250 people on the island.


The shootout at a safe house erupted on Friday in Sainthamaruthu in Ampara district, to the south of the Sri Lankan town of Batticaloa, site of one of the Easter Sunday blasts which have been claimed by Islamic State. […]


Authorities have warned there could be more attacks against religious centers following the bombings, which shattered the relative calm in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka since a conflict with mostly-Hindu ethnic Tamil separatists ended a decade ago.

OK lets look at the BBC Soviet worthy propaganda:

Sri Lanka attacks: The street fighting back with peace

(And of course, yesterday’s posts here at VTB on the various gun battles and new explosions still taking place in Sri Lanka. BBC’s approach is the new normal for the west. It doesn’t matter how many innocent people are killed because they are misinformed. It only matters that the BBC and Western mouthpieces promote a fiction like a child’s wishcraft. Pretend hard enough and you can make it true.)

4. CCTV footage of the explosion at Sri Lankan Kingsbury Hotel:

5. Spot the TWO clear misleading aspects to the ‘imam of peace’s’ tweet:

1. Extremist literature? Now the koran is extremist literature? Islamic scripture that refers to Jewish people as apes and pigs (I wasn’t aware of the dogs part) is as central to Islamic orthodoxy as you can get. Something weird going on here.

2. He said ancestors as opposed to descendants. Koran says Jews are DESCENDED from apes and pigs, (which Allah turned them into in his infinite mercy) not that Jews are: “the ancestors of pigs, monkeys and dogs.” I don’t think that was a language failure. I think that was to avoid offending his muslim colleagues by criticizing actual muslim texts. So long as you do not quote it accurately in a critical manner its not slander and blasphemy in islamic terms.

6. Pregnant with death, a video of the muslim mass murderers of Sri Lanka with their children before their jihad attack.

Official description:

ISIS/linked groups spread a video of 3 IS fighters with their kids in their home in Kalmunai, Sainthamaruthu which were raided yesterday.


7. Aftermath of something muslims did. Graphic, horrible, only posted because being polite isn’t working at all to get people motivated to save themselves.

8. Germany: Severe incendiary attack on AfD sympathizer

And again there was a brutal attack on an AfD supporter. According to Thomas’ descriptions in the voicemails (unfortunately a bit hard to understand acoustically) Thomas and his wife just worked in the garden and wore a blue AfD sweater with party logo. Suddenly, according to his own statement, he heard the words “We’ll kill him! Then unknown, presumably left-wing terrorists threw two sets of incendiary devices in his direction. The man had to go to hospital. In the end Thomas and his wife survived only because their shepherd dog was present and could chase away the attackers.

9. Pakistan suspends anti-polio drive after attacks on workers

Pakistani healthofficials say the country has suspended a nationwide anti-polio campaign after a health worker and two policemen escorting vaccination teams were killed in separate attacks across the country in less than a week.


Pakistan is one of three countries in the world where polio is still endemic. The other two are Afghanistanand Nigeria.

But militant threats and deep-rooted superstition have spurred many parents to refuse to vaccinate their children.


Officials say unidentified gunmen targeted polio workers and police assigned to protect them in three separate attacks this past week, in the heavily rural western regions bordering Afghanistan, before fleeing.

10. Rather unintelligent commie thugs attempt to stop a UKIP candidate from entering a British town!

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., EB., Searchlight, PC. Ava Lon, and all who sent in this material.

“Something is actually happening Reg!”

I think I would like to post this 90 seconds of Lara Logan speaking on the state of Journalism again. Its not very well watched and its so good.

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13 Replies to “Trump, guns, muslims pregnant with death, ANTIFA fascists thugging democracy: Links 1, April 27, 2019”

  1. 2 – Most people don’t know that prior to 1920 there were no gun control laws in Britain, the gun registration laws were sold under the idea of letting the police know who owned guns so they would know where they could borrow one in an emergency. The registration law was exp;anded over the 20th Century to the government having the right to decide who should and could own firearms.

    Now New Zealand is following Britain down the path to a dictatorship by alien invaders who don’t care about what the local laws say, they hold the local laws in almost as much contempt as they hold the local residents who are moving to ensure that the conquest of their nations is easier because the civilians and the police have been disarmed.

    I urge my Canadian friends to fight to stop the Canadian police from being disarmed. It is bad enough that the government knows who owns firearms making it easier for the weapons to be confiscated. Now they want the police to be disarmed so the invaders have a clear path to taking over Canada in a violent coup.

    Remember Admiral Yamamoto’s warning to the Japanese government in WWII, if you invade the United States mainland you will find a rifle behind every blade of grass.

  2. 7. Aftermath of something muslims did. Graphic, horrible, only posted because being polite isn’t working at all to get people motivated to save themselves.

    We are in violent agreement about the way that, “polite isn’t working”.

    Please accept my gratitude, Eeyore, for the opportunity to put plainly opinions that are, not only mine, but clearly shared by many others. An opportunity to do so lightens the burden of this past Easter week.

      • I never doubted that the slimes han’t published the cartoon, my problem is that I am at times too willing to believe the worst of our enemies.

        • I am at times too willing to believe the worst of our enemies.

          The entire Left promotes their own extremism specifically so that when their opponents think the worst of them, they are then exonerated for spreading their extremist filth about the Right. Think of it as a false flag cycle of violence.

          Many people believe this is done as part of Media Capture (similar to but different from Economic- or Political-Capture), to control channels of information and promote a specific ideology.


          In keeping with Communist Goals, enabling Leftist Media Capture achieves a far more insidious objective.

          By unleashing so much obvious disinformation and misinformation, THE MEDIA DISCREDITS ITSELF and a powerful resource is hobbled in its own camp. The self-inflicted aspect of this “crime” is of vital importance as it conveniently ensures that the MSM has no one but itself to blame for whatever befalls it

          This why preserving Internet freedom is so critical. It is one of the last open forums left on planet Earth. Already, with the flood of Fake News and Fauxtoshopping—plus their concomitant censorship and deplatforming—media, in almost all forms, is severely compromised.

          If the Cultural Marxists truly succeed, there will be no trusted forms of mass communication. This instantly implies two things:

          1.) The government has nearly free reign to establish itself as the sole propaganda conduit (e.g., the USSR).

          2.) Distrust is sown at a widespread and congenital level approaching, in degree, the shattering of Russian nuclear families through Soviet encouragement of child informants.

          This realization came as an epiphany a mere hour ago.


          Ergo, regardless of whichever ideological distortion gets used, nothing else matters JUST SO LONG AS THE UNDERMINING POLARIZATION COMPLETELY DESTABILIZES ALL EXTERNAL (I.E., EXTRA-GOVERNMENTAL) DATA SOURCES.

          If either of you (i.e., yucki and Richard, or anyone else for that matter) would respond on this new idea of mind, it would be appreciated.

          • Yep.
            We’re hit every-which-way.
            Get yer commie via Slimes/WaPoo or RT/ZeroHedge. They’re out to condition an outlook, in the guise of reporting or analysis.

            And don’t be too sure of those “extra-govtal” sources. They may or may not be independent, but they’re by no means disinterested. They appeal to their market segment, find whatever they’re looking for to reinforce a particular view of the world.

            Some – wittingly or not – are feeding off crumbs from Tel Aviv or Riyadh. Others are wholesome, nationalistic, and Christian – directly from the Kremlin. (The Russian Church today is as govt- controlled as it was under the Tzars.)

            • And don’t be too sure of those “extra-govtal” sources. They may or may not be independent, but they’re by no means disinterested.

              Excellent distinction with a most definite difference. Thank you for dropping in, yucki. It looks like you’re going pretty strong, and that’s extra good news.

              Throughout my analysis, it was implicit that in this dog’s breakfast, there are no disinterested parties. 0bama proved to the GOP for once and all time that media mastery was not an option.

              One would think Republicans had learned that lesson with the Nixon–Kennedy debate but, clearly, that is not the case.

              (The Russian Church today is as govt- controlled as it was under the Tzars.)

              I have suspected this ever since the much-ballyhooed Great Catholic–Orthodox Reconciliation of 2016. Two more things:

              I.) Why were there no detectable ripples from this supposedly earthshaking Kodak Moment™?! (A rhetorical question, I know, in light of your own preceding observation).


              Was this some sort of Commie–Illuminati tête-à-tête? Or just a bizarre Putin-orchestrated photo op cum Vatican neurochemical implant reboot with an, admittedly, already Communist (i.e., pretend) “pope”? [Spit!]

              This is precisely what I was mentioning earlier: Where so many ostensibly and even persuasively real events often are more tightly scripted than the spontaneity of a “Reality” show. Such pettifogging washes out all contrast to the point where issues of importance are bleached of consequence.

              In those psychic Arctic whiteout conditions, priorities are lost, moral compasses get demagnetized, and the snowflakes thrive (especially on those “Likes”).

    • “This is your paper, Kapo @MaggieNYT. Let’s hear your lecture about dog whistles.”
      Roger Simon @rogerlsimon
      13h13 hours ago
      Replying to @JewishWorker @nytimes
      With remembering: @nytimes downplayed the Holocaust. Several books written on subject.
      Yucki: I don’t DO Slimes porn. But I’m going to boycott their advertisers.

      Boycott #NYT Advertisers and call #Customer care: 855-419-6348

      Eileen Murphy – senior vice president, Communications
      Danielle Rhoades, vice president, Communications

      • Nope, boycotts of advertisers won’t work: ads don’t fund the Slimes. It runs on camel urine and (probably) Chicom-fentanyl largesse.
        Plus the dark money from foundations and private corporations.

            • So what am I? Chopped liver?!

              Fear not, fair lady. I, too, detest liver and onions fried mud.

              Pâté? Adore it!
              Leverpostej? (rustic Danish terrine) Love it!
              Braunschweiger? Ah yup!
              Liverwurst? Yum!
              Teawurst? Yar!
              Pasztet? (Polish chicken liver pâté) Yes!
              Gänseleberpastete? Yup!
              Streichmettwurst? Jawohl!

              Fried, barbecued, broiled, chicken-, pork-, or beef-liver? Any fucking style? Rita, get the bucket.

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