FEMEN does their stupid thing at a VOX rally

Just a thought VOX.

Why not hire some strippers to hang around behind the scenes with pro-VOX slogans, and when FEMEN tries this nonsense next time your own girls can come out and dance around to a blazingly loud version of “Im just a love machine”.

Actually all you need is the music really but weaponizing your own strippers might be funnier,. Pretty sure FEMEN will arrest themselves just to get away from there once the music makes them look like supporters.



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5 Replies to “FEMEN does their stupid thing at a VOX rally”

    • What Richard said.

      I know which ones REAL men will applaud. (Yes, you may call me “sexist” and more, but I am just soooooooooo yawningly over these unloved feministas who so desperately want their titties touched, by anyone, really).

      You may now resume your normal broadcasting.

      PS: O/T someone send “get better fast” wishes to yucki please.

  1. PS: O/T someone send “get better fast” wishes to yucki please.

    Did I miss something? Yucki dropped in and was posting pretty strongly just the other day.

    • Hi, NorseRadish,

      Probably my bad, have been more like a drive-by shooter lately so I must have missed her return, after I saw her posting about taking a little surgery-break around Easter/Passover. If you, or anyone sees her pls give her my greetings from down-under – I seem to miss a bit lately.

  2. I thought it was kind of odd that, after Femen had been cleared out, the band played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Even if it is an anti-liberal song. Is there no sweet home Aragon?

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