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8 Replies to “Yes, there is now slavery in Canada”

  1. Why is the Foreign Worker Program allowing the importation of a chef? While the slave driver may make the claim that no Canadian is available to make this particular food in order to justify this worker to the system, who cares? The question isn’t whether the slave owner needs his slave, but whether the Canadian economy needs another Pakistani restaurant. In fact the vast majority of human capital now deployed into the west seems to gravitate towards a wholly-redundant service-sector merchant class that we don’t need. Kabob huts, pizza parlours, taxi drivers–is this the core economy that our progressive betters believe will sustain our pension entitlements? This is the human flotsam that Angela Merkel, Trudeau, Macaroni, May, Soros, and the like, are forcing upon us under the false premise that if we don’t bring them in we will die miserably and neglected in our old age because of an under-funded pension system? Well sorry to break it to you, but the hundreds of millions of muslim Pakistani, Middle-Eastern and African cooks, taxi drivers, parking lot attendants and janitors that Soros and Trudeau dream of ramming down your throat won’t save your golden years for you. Consumer-sector jobs are useful only to the extent they are required to service the productive class. Past this they are a redundant liability, not a net asset to your economy.

    Only a socialist will argue the merits of a dominant service economy. This is because they don’t understand that in order for a country to create net wealth it must accomplish the very unsexy, unmagical feat of hard work by millions of people producing raw materials and objects that the world needs. These objects must be value-added to the raw materials then sold at a profit. (Asia rising.) Ivory-tower socialists don’t like this fact because their fundamental flaw is wishful thinking. They forever believe that they can create gold from lead with Keynesian monetary alchemy. They cannot.

    Instead, the globalists are creating a much-deminished Western homogony based on a drastically-lowered per-capita income. The great wealth divide that is now fashionably blamed on capitalism is rooted in the utterly preposterous premise that it is somehow capitalism’s fault. Rather, the great wealth divide that indeed has formed is rooted in the socialist economics prevailing since August 15th, 1971. This is when the monetary magic truly began, the U.S. dollar started its devaluation, and asset values began distorting.

    It is one of life’s ugly truths that we must work, and work hard to survive. European mass migrations circa 1000 A.D. were responsible for the genesis of nations we now witness to be under assault 1000 years later. Our ancestors arrived in new European lands intent on surviving and building their lives. Now, migrants arrive to their new Western homes intent only on plundering existing wealth. And until and unless the steely resolve to succeed and survive returns to these lands, the competing resolve of socialist-enabled Islamic opportunists will inherit the West. To see the future economy envisioned by your friendly-neighborhood globalist look at any Arab shit-hole country. That’s the wealth divide you can expect. If capitalism is the problem why weren’t people screaming inequity in the 1950’s and 60’s? It is because cronyism and money printing had not yet met at that fateful summer dance on August 15, 1971.

    So again I ask, why does a Foreign Worker Program import a chef?


  2. I notice this is Fredericton again, where they imported a large number of syrian refugees a couple of years ago, who are still mostly unemployed, as are many of the locals. But this guy was able to import a slave?

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