Poisoning the Holy Water at Notre Dame

From Gates of Vienna:

The Pollution of the Lavabos in Notre-Dame de Paris

The following article is poignant in light of what happened today at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.*

Daniel Hamiche is a French Catholic journalist and writer. In a brief post from 2018 he quotes Le Parisien in his discussion about the deliberate contamination of holy water in the stoups (a stoup is a basin or font of holy water that worshippers dip their fingers in, commonly known as a lavabo by American Catholics):

Stoups of the Notre-Dame cathedral polluted

By Daniel Hamiche
August 12, 2018

I prefer to use the word ‘pollution’ rather than ‘poisoning’, which was even put in the quotation marks by Le Parisien. It is rather common that imbeciles or villains pollute the stoups in churches — in my own parish one Sunday, a couple of years ago, I had to clean a stoup whose sacred water was dyed red…

An act of vandalism? Of malice? Vengeance of a pagan? Bad schoolboy joke? The mystery is still there… This Saturday morning, a team of police from the police station of the 4th arrondissement [of Paris] arrived at the île de la Cité, at Notre-Dame de Paris, after mass. To investigate. On Friday [August 10th] Catholic tourists, who came to gather together at Notre-Dame [the verb “to gather” here has the connotation of “worshipping”, or praying together since it is also used for going together to someone’s grave to pay respect, or meditate], were allegedly poisoned by… holy water! “They complained about burning around their faces after crossing themselves with the water from the stoups, at the entrance of the church, according to the police source. They also suffered from headaches. A Church representative, worried, went to the police station of the 4th arrondissement, responsible for the area [where Notre-Dame is located], in order to report the events. To elucidate the facts. To protect his flock. […] In the alleys, a priest, in his alb confirms the incident: “It was above all very smelly, the water.” And, while looking towards the sky: “What can you do! It’s unfortunately an evil act. They want to poison the world!” […] Finally, after an investigation, the fine bloodhounds from the police station of the 4th arrondissement concluded the absence of danger. No complaint was filed, and no official investigation was opened. In Notre-Dame, it was decided, per security measures, to empty the water from the stoups and to bleach them! The stone basins have been completely cleaned and filled with fresh water.

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3 Replies to “Poisoning the Holy Water at Notre Dame”

  1. Nothing new there the poisoning of wells, stoups, water tanks, cisterns, etc. has long been an Islamic method of warfare for 1300 years. In the dark and middle ages the west did it also but it managed to climb out of barbarism. Any contact with food or drink or even water for other uses(Stoup) is a vector of attack by muslims if infidels will be using them. Usually it is faeces and they all think that it is a joke seriously. A new “guy” came in and within 3 days had to be shipped out with dreadful diarrhoea. Our only fluent Wolof speaking infidel told us that he overheard the employed locals laughing their heads off at how well it worked this time as it was always done to newly arriving infidels. After that we cultured our food and water occasionally and always grew E coli and others but I guess that we were all used to them by then.

    • Nothing new there the poisoning of wells, stoups, water tanks, cisterns, etc. has long been an Islamic method of warfare for 1300 years.

      Be it through resource mismanagement, antiquated agricultural practices, improper storage and distribution, aquifer over-pumping, salt intrusion, or just sheer wastefulness, Islam has been immersing (so to speak) itself in water poverty—and its conjoined twin, famine—since time immemorial.

      Halt all food exports to the Muslim Middle East and watch Islam dry up and blow away like autumn leaves. Few things on earth have outlived their usefulness in the ways that Islam has.

      Those who continue this farcical pretense of “peaceful coexistence” are deadly enemies, no different from Islam. They just don’t have goat shit on their dicks. That’s all.

    • Look at how many of the food processing plants are almost totally Islamic, they look at the number of contaminated food cases we have had this Century. Last summer watermelons were found with feces laden water injected into them. If you were buying a watermelon in certain areas you had to check to see if it had a needle mark on it.

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