Fire at Notre Dame started in 2 places? More relevant links: Links post 1, April 15, 2019

1. This article from Fdesouche says that the fire at Notre Dame started in two places!

2. Sultan Mohamed guilty of premeditated rape at university.

3. Explosion at Port of Los Angeles, a Big rig exploded? damaging nearby apartment buildings? Video at site:

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Police and fire crews have responded to reports of an explosion at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro Monday morning. 
The incident occurred on Terminal Island below the Vincent Thomas Bridge at about 10 a.m. 

Authorities say no one was injured. One person had been evaluated by paramedics. 

According to the fire department, there was a fire following the explosion that involved one big rig that has been knocked down. 

Authorities are examining a nearby apartment building that had broken windows, the fire department said. 

Residents in the area reported hearing the explosion and seeing a tall column of black smoke. 

Police said an industrial accident was the cause of the explosion. 

4. Hillary’s refusal to ever let who of the con, gets comical in her criticism of Assange

5. Sweden Orders ‘Arrest In Absentia’ Of Russian Dad Who Took Kids Back From Muslim Foster Family And Fled to Poland

6. Father Page has things to say about Islam in Europe. (Restored from 2017)

[Video will be added here as soon as it publishes on]

7. Remember this from 2016: 3 women charged with trying to burn down/blow up Paris Notre Dame with a car full of gas canisters?

8. oh yeah and this:

There is a lot of material to do and get out there today. So please forgive me if posts are less tidy than usual. More to come ASAP.

One more I have to add: Robert Spencer-

France: Muslim girl “in search of love” plotted to blow up car packed with gas canisters near Notre Dame cathedral

UPDATE: This is not a post about the fire at Notre Dame. I scheduled this post hours ago, long before I knew of the fire. The story below comes from AFP; the fact that the target of the foiled jihad plot is now burning is coincidental.


It would be “Islamophobic” not to admire Ines Madani’s wild romantic heart. After all, what says “love” more than blood spattered everywhere and broken bodies writhing in pain?

“France jails ‘jihadist’ woman (22) accused over foiled terror attack in Paris,” AFP, April 12, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

ONE OF THREE women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was today sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for earlier offences.

Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France between March 2015 and June 2016….



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24 Replies to “Fire at Notre Dame started in 2 places? More relevant links: Links post 1, April 15, 2019”

  1. NEW: Cathedral Spox: Entire Interior of Notre Dame Will Likely Be Destroyed

    Holy Week Horror.
    A fire engulfed the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris Monday evening — people around the world watched in horror as the iconic spire collapsed.

    Notre Dame is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paris and is a historic site that attracts millions of visitors every year.

    Officials in Paris are saying the fire may be linked to a multi-million dollar renovation project, however the cause has not been confirmed.,%202019%20at%2003:06:08%20PM

  2. Flashback: ISIS Claims Bataclan Attack in Paris “Just the Beginning”

    Flashback: ISIS Claims Bataclan Attack in Paris “Just the Beginning”
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft April 15, 2019 99 Comments

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    ISIS released a video instructing fighters to fill their cars with gasoline and run over people just weeks before Islamist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used a truck to mow day Bastille Day crowds in Nice, France.,%202019%20at%2003:06:08%20PM

  3. BREAKING: ON FRIDAY Female Jihadi Jailed Over Attempted Car Bombing Outside Notre Dame Cathedral

    On Friday Islamic terrorists Inez Madani was jailed for eight years for her attempted car bombing outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
    Madani was wounded with a knife in the belly of a police officer during the arrest in 2016.
    On Friday she was jailed for eight years in the attempted attack.,%202019%20at%2003:06:08%20PM

      • For the next 10-20 years nothing will happen, then.

        There’s a lot of very dead jihadist Muslims pushing up Afghani daisies poppies who (thankfully) will never be asking anybody about “then”.

        Even a well-hidden Osama isn’t asking about “then”.

        European Muslims will now wait for the other shoe to drop. Delays merely mean more hobnails in the boots with less reluctance to wear them.

        The Trowel is nudging me to mention how—if this atrocity doesn’t ignite kinetic festivities—a person can only wonder what other shoe will have to drop before EU indigènes go postal.

        One thing is for certain, Muslims around the world had best be very concerned if the shoe drops in Islamic butt-snorkeling France. Lors les céder simiens qui mangent du fromage trouvent les boules, that’s when everything gets all pear-shaped.

        Were I Islamic, my apprehension would be ten times greater than after the 911 Atrocity. A hundred times more so. Even for the most opaque, Paris irrevocably establishes a pattern of behavior which, again, only the enemy will ignore or deny.

        Put plainly:


    • You are right NR. It is Frances’s 911.
      It is that internal crash, a free falling tower. And you have nothing to hang on to.

      “Ding Dong! New bell is cast for Paris cathedral’s 850th anniversary to replace one torn down in French Revolution”
      By Ruth Whitehead – September 15, 2012


      In the 1790s, insurgents took over the cathedral and removed all of its bells except the largest one, which is called Emmanuel. It is thought the looted bells were melted down to make cannon balls.

      The Dutch-made bell will be placed in the south tower next to Emmanuel, a 330-year-old, 13-ton creation that survived the attacks of the revolutionaries.

      Emmanuel has been tolled to mark the end of the First and Second Wars, the liberation of the city in 1944, and major state occasions, as well as ringing on the hour. It was also rung on September 11, 2001 after the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.

      • You are right NR. It is Frances’s 911.

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart, EB. You are a VTB regular, so I’m sure it’s been difficult to ignore (or just put up with) my own concerns about the likelihood of an Atrocity exactly like this one. And let’s all please ignore my bouts of Caplock Fever if you would be so kind.

        Identical to the 911 Atrocity, this transcendently evil act (of Total War) will permanently polarize innumerable people who, up until now, were dedicated fence-sitters. As I’ve noted elsewhere this, as Islam’s Next Big Atrocity™, forever removes any possibility of claiming that the 911 Atrocity was a one-off or anomaly of any sort.

        That ship shit sailed and isn’t coming back, ever. Burn the dock, mine the harbor, and run torpedo boats 24/7. I will no longer be fazed by anything that happens to Muslims, no matter how unjust.


  4. This Atrocity has voided me of all sympathy for Muslims of any stripe anywhere. Ahmadiyya, Kurds, Sufis et al are no longer worth distinguishing from Sunnis and Shiites are no longer worth distinguishing from jihadis, taliban, freedom fighters, moderates or goat shit. Stick a fork in ALL of them, they’re done.

    If the 911 Atrocity blinded my sense of sympathy in one eye, it’s now ready for a very un-Islamic guide dog. Smug cynicism is the cynosure of my mind’s remaining (third) eye.


    To rebuild Notre Dame, France will take the money that Giuliani sent back.

    Celebrations of this Atrocity in French streets or media won’t be prosecuted.

    There will be NO MSM coverage of celebrations going on throughout Islam.

    Muslims will propose a Parisian equivalent to the Ground Zero mosque.

    America’s new Muslim politicians will not express unqualified outrage.

    There will be no spike in anti-terrorist tips from Muslims to the Gendarmes.

    More will be spent on police protection for mosques than restoring Notre Dame.

    Reciprocity??? Don’t make me £ü¢kïñg laugh.

      • No questions anywhere re was anyone working on renovations today?
        I haven’t found anything about renovation work being carried out today. At what time they started, when they stopped work for the day, nothing.

        • No questions anywhere re was anyone working on renovations today?

          Sassy, please realize that I understand your honorable intention of seeking the truth in this matter.

          Therefore, it is only with the most intense displeasure that I’m forced to advise you how there is no custodial chain of evidence, eyewitness testimony, blue ribbon panel, crime scene investigation, forensic report, grand jury indictment, DNA analysis, suspect admission, deathbed confession, security camera footage, Internet screen cap, email tree, chat log, IM, text message, timeline post, tweet, instagram, snapchat, or cell phone bill that will ever incontrovertibly prove that this wasn’t Islamic terrorism.

          It isn’t just about how taqiyya instantly makes unreliable witnesses out of any and all Muslims with direct or even tangential bearing on this case.

          This is not about any conspiracy theories or implausible work accident scenarios.

          Neither does this have anything to do with covering up for some other genuinely responsible group or sundry judicial challenges regarding probable cause.

          It certainly has absolutely nothing to do with Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, the hard right, false flag attacks or any other excuse du jour.

          The simple fact is that this never would have happened if Muslims had not flooded into Europe and then, just as quickly, been welcomed with open arms by race traitors and the sworn enemies of Western Civilization.

          Does Micron have direct responsibility for this mental scar upon all humanity? There is no other possible conclusion.

          None of which alters the immutable fact that every last penalty, lash, and shred of blame for this specific Atrocity has to be laid at Islam’s feet and nowhere else.

          The party’s over. Islam has vomited in the master bedroom, made the toilet overflow, screwed the pooch, insulted the hosts, and dared everyone to protest.

          At this point, all any Muslim can do is pray five times a day that an intolerably provoked West doesn’t demand even fractional retribution.

          As that is something upon which millions of Muslim lives easily might hinge.

          Islam delenda est.

        • Sassy’s doing the right thing.

          We can’t concede our own values because the enemy’s a barbarian.
          We search for evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, the works.

          It’s not necessary to use this specific crime as a justification for draconian measures against an enemy population. There’s no shortage of proven crimes.

          It’s not about collective punishment.
          It’s more fundamental, more righteous.

          • It’s not about collective punishment.

            With all due respect, dear yucki, ßÜLL$H!T!

            Islam is all about (and has ALWAYS been all about) collective punishment. IT WILL NOT respond to anything except that same bloody coin repaid by several orders of magnitude.


            We have an enemy that is far too populous and completely oblivious to the sanctity of life (much less priceless monuments of antiquity, Bamiyan anyone?).

            Thinning that herd is job one. Allowing them to cull us and not returning the favor (in ways that drop their fucking jaws) only hurts us.

            We bounced the rubble in Berlin so many times they felt in hell.

            We killed more people in one of Doolittle’s Tokyo fire-bombing raids than in all of the nuclear attacks combined.

            The West can gently lay aside its niceties where they won’t get dirty and then indelicately take Islam apart at the seams.

            We did it with Hitler and didn’t become Nazis or gas any Jews in the process.

            We did it with Hirohito and didn’t rape any Nankings either.

            We can make Muslims track down all of their jihads and publicly execute them in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS just by halting shipments of food.

            Either Muslims start cleaning their own house or their terrorist scum will get HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF THEM KILLED.


            Post 9-11 Muslims have had some TWENTY YEARS to join the human race. During that entire time, all they’ve done is piss in our ears and tell us it’s raining.

            THAT SHIT’S OVER WITH.

            I’ll just say that the al Aqsa marshmallow roast got my hopes up.

            If you want some parity here, how would you feel if Muslims dynamited the Wailing Wall and ball-milled it all into sand? No Dresdenesque reconstruction allowed!

            You’d better believe that the Paleostinians are already halfway there. The Waqf’s been undermining the entire Temple Mount as part of obliterating every trace of historic Jewish occupation. (With all the extra joy that destroying irreplaceable Jewish archaeological artifacts can possibly bring.)

            And, please do not think for one second that I just learned about the Waqf.

            I’ve been screaming about their ongoing crime against humanity for donkey’s ears. They will not stop until the Temple Mount is razed, al Aqsa MEANS NOTHING.

            When the whole shooting match collapses, guess who’ll get blamed? So, why not just get it over with and save everyone all the histronics?

  5. All of the regular readers (including the trolls) know what happened, we don’t have any hard evidence and given who is in charge of France we may never get that evidence.

    I am calling on all True French citizens to 1) remove all of the great works of are you can from all of the large French Cities and secure/hide them in safe locations. 2) remember the history of France and act as your ancestors would have acted.

    As NR said the French reaction to this atrocity will (hopefully) set the standard for the entire world on how to act when you culture and religion is attacked by barbarians. More attacks are coming, that we can take as a given, more attacks are coming. Thanks to the magnitude of this crime the rest of the Invaders will be trying to top this in damage done and in the number of people who are killed. (The latter will be easy in this case but they will be looking to top the number of 9/11).

    Keep your musket clean, your powder and watch your backs.

    • As NR said the French reaction to this atrocity will (hopefully) set the standard for the entire world on how to act when you culture and religion is attacked by barbarians.

      Thank you, Richard. I guess you may not have seen one of the most cynical postings I’ve ever made in my entire life. It lists the only standards I expect France to set, and I genuinely doubt the remaining world (even including America) will do much better.

      Thanks to the magnitude of this crime the rest of the Invaders will be trying to top this in damage done and in the number of people who are killed.

      This epitomizes the predictable race-to-the-bottom in which Islam prides itself so exceedingly. Chuck Yeager’s heroic breed would call this a “flat spin”. Most non-aviators mistakenly refer to it as a “death spiral” and, regardless, it’s difficult to imagine a more appropriate way to describe it anyhow.

      Anyhoo, for everyone reading these words, please take just ninety seconds to watch the following video. Then: Try to imagine doing the same thing. Not to a railcar full of strangers. But instead, doing it TO ALL OF HUMANITY at the same time.

      Would somebody please suggest what humanity’s reaction ought to be?

      (T = 00:01:27)

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