So THAT’s why they wash their feet…

1. A proper response to newly elected Democrat-Muslim representative on her comments concerning 911:


2. We live in an age where an auditorium full of people need to be told that “men are not women”, while security is required to protect the person saying it.

3. Newly minted college top-cop suspended for clicking like on 2 tweets.

Students recently drew attention to a few posts they say Hect previously had “liked” on Twitter, including one instructing President Donald Trump to “BUILD THAT WALL!” and another in which the National Rifle Association wishes people a Merry Christmas. Hect’s Twitter profile has since been deleted.

4. Tucker interviews a doctor who thinks, giving children powerful hormones that change their development as men and women may have unintended consequences.

5. Is this why muslims have to wash their feet all the time?

Thank you one and all who have been posting to the daily Contributor’s links post.

There is, as nearly always, stellar material in there for people who actually want to see news and videos that match their own observations as opposed to the increasingly Soviet like, narrative we see around us constantly from the Government-Media complex. The only thing that surprises me is the lack of open contempt for BBC and CBC crews when they go out to try and make patriotic, law abiding citizens, look like ignorant racists, or apologists for ignorant racists. People still have not learned, not to play ball with the pseudo authority of a couple of civil servants and a camera.

Or perhaps that richly earned contempt is being offered to the crews, but again, in Soviet like fashion, that is quelled and those inconvenient clips not shown. But in any case, at least here there at Vlad Tepes, at worst a foggy window leading to the outside world. And many here work daily to keep it visible and clear. Xanthippa, Richard, Wrath of Khan, M., EB., Coram Deo, ML., TL., Oz-Rita and many, MANY more who consistently work to enlighten the readership here.

And for that, I want to thank you, something we fail to do as often as it is deserved, because the work load grows and grows and grows, even if you do not see it all here.

But its all for the cause, and the info pasted in the comments often does find its way to good and large forums. So thank you all.

More to come today. And don’t forget to check the Yellow Vest Protest post for France being populated in the comments as I type. The Government-Media complex is doing its best to suppress any real information about these grass roots protests. So make sure to watch as many of the videos being posted as you can. The French, grass-roots attempt to stop the destruction of that nation as it has been for centuries and centuries, depends on people seeing that attempt.

Eeyore for Vlad.


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16 Replies to “So THAT’s why they wash their feet…”

  1. As I keep saying all Western Nations are headed into multi sided civil wars, wars that will spread around the world, wars that will last several decades. The left has managed to destroy the Civilization that held the world together for so long and during this destruction they have destroyed the rule of law in most Western Nations. The jury is still out on whether or not they have destroyed it here in the US.

    The coming wars are about either retaining or restoring our freedom and the actions of all of the sides in the wars are going to further damage the rule of law. I am seeing and hearing about how the truly wealthy are starting to recruit household troops to keep them, their families and their property safe. If the report are correct we are seeing the future of all of our nations, a return to the time when the Rich have household troops and if you are lucky enough to live in a nation t hat allows it the rest are armed to the teeth to protect themselves.

    • I think we’re seeing the beginning of the AntiChrist.
      Looking at Francis, he’s part of the plot, the One World Order through the EU, then to UN.

      Just yesterday, he was congratulating little Swedish girl Greta Climate Catastrophe.

      All our basic moral values are being demonized and eradication of Christianity in ongoing.

      From our education system to microchip hand implants, we’ll be needing our own weapons in the not so far future.

    • Who let the Dogs in?

      The bully seaches for a victim
      Of a certain size
      To handle so effectively
      That no one else gets wise.
      They listen for each song
      Of Submission cries
      Dhimmi, Goodie, Bi-me
      Raped with the sexual rise.

  2. Knowles is new to me and I’m glad he’s out there. I just thought, if the Williams sisters were playing tennis in school or college now, and persistently being beaten by ‘trans’ who like wearing tennis skirts – wouldn’t they give up? Also, do we now know why Milo gets his glitter jackets?

    • I have a brother who cross-dresses, (a childhood of macho father and his deep resentment towards his mother).

      Here, the two brain hemispheres diverged, and two new separate personalities formed with unique voices of their very own. The regulation of dopermine and seretonin phased by the rituals between maled and femaled clothes for a Time of Peace. (A Peace that is no peace at all but an emptiness crying out to be filled).

      Between these brain-states, is a person rationalizing that they are superior to the average person to be able to do this trick.

      Sadly, being only half a person each time, it is boring.

      He hints that he would like to ‘come out’ to me for acceptance but my discourse on repressed childhood trauma means that I would pounce on that exposed ‘demon’ and mock it as the fraud it is – because it is just a characature of my mother, pearls included. This inability to be the male by inheriting from his abusive femaled-father, (separated from their connections to Adam), with a superiority-thru-resentment towards his mother, slides the soul to be the female-of-the-female. Better than her and of all women.

      The Feminists know it. They – in inferiority – tried to define women in order to be superior to them; and now these men do the same. Standing in the place of real femininity: where males-in-rage win over females-in-rage. Every time. And now the Wimmin are complaining.

      Without suffering, no one wakes up. And the unsanity becomes the normality of “never to offend.” From muslim to Communist.

      “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher.” Socrates.

      • So the Pope kissing these feet, is only a sign of weakness to be abused. Little children are another.

        Homosexuals receive legal cohabitation rights and then “marriage.”
        Socialists get fornication rights and then “family.”
        Muslims get poligamy rights and then “Religion”

        “we are just like you.” With Preferential Charateristics.

        Standing in the place of the Pope who stood in the place of “Jesus before He Returns” and never will.

        Standing to replace.

        And the femaled will defend every trans. Those who transfered across from reality to serve their Imprinter.

        “Give me the child for his first seven years, and I’ll give you the man,”

      • Blood libel, d’ya think?

        Yeah, except that this time around it’s all about CIA-refined crack and Whitey-designed AIDS instead of exsanguinated Christian babies.

        What these fawning Democrats fail to realize is that “40 acres and a mule” was yesterday while today it’s a 40 room McMansion and an Escalade.

  3. 4. Tucker interviews a doctor who thinks, giving children powerful hormones that change their development as men and women may have unintended consequences.

    Some twenty years ago—before preadolescent gender dysphoria was even a medically accepted term and long before any opioid epidemic—I was ranting railing about how a huge number of Americans are incredibly over-medicated on a daily basis.

    As back then, I continue to maintain that this over-prescription of powerful neurochemicals cannot but help have some unbelievably deleterious downstream effects (both psychological and physiological).

    Studies have shown that simple talk therapy is equally effective as ingesting these insufficiently tested drugs.

    This combination of how wildly expensive one-on-one therapy is versus how wildly profitable it is to have harried healthcare providers write prescriptions faster than Steven King can turn the crank on his plot formulator.

    I say, “insufficiently tested” because there is absolutely no credible way to perform accelerated lifetime exposure runs for medications that will be used on a maintenance basis for the patient’s remaining lifetime. Calibrated over-applications and even megadoses of these compounds (especially if restricted to lab animals in highly controlled environments, large primate trials notwithstanding) NEVER will adequately prefigure or remotely simulate protracted target-patient consumption.

    If ever people wonder why Westerners can’t be arsed to breed, this is where to start looking. Now, imagine the negative perception (i.e., aversion) medication-dependent, childbearing-age women must have with committing to pregnancies (and breastfeeding) that require at least a temporary halt to med intake. It seems that very few studies are tracking kids born to mothers who did not cease ingesting these chemicals.

    NOTE: — As if all this wasn’t bad enough: Coming down the pike is an RF saturated 5G environment (with who-the-£ü¢k-knows what health effects), Social Media’s crippling infections of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), hyper-intrusive IoT womb-to-tomb monitoring, along with broadcast media’s historic drip feed of toxic Conspicuous Consumption. —

    While we’re on the topic of humanity’s biggest (and most dangerous) social experiment, please consider the likely infinitesimal number of prospective fathers who intentionally refrain from taking all medications for a minimum of TEN WEEKS—a single sperm maturation cycle, although two or three (with a clean bloodstream) is far better—prior to conception. Wearing boxers instead of briefs all that time helps a lot, too.

    The Chicoms have their OFOC, Muslims have consanguineous inbreeding, and the West has its phthalate endocrine disruptors plus its wildly overstocked medicine chest (courtesy of Big Pharma).

    All of it points to a First World global population of genetically and psychologically (if not spiritually) MAIMED YOUTH. Integrate all the Culturally Marxist normalization of transgender irrationality and what emerges is a mutagenic witch’s brew that makes Hecate’s bubbling cauldron look like so much weak tea.

    I gladly invite anyone to refute my assertions. If only for the entertainment value.

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