Chrome and Firefox both ban Dissenter plugin

I apologize that the title is nearly all in tech-speak but its important. Please watch the video, use the Brave browser and Dissenter, open an account at (I think it may be slightly more distributed than bitchute but bitchute is also a good alternative) and if you ever meet someone who works for a tech giant, turn your back on them and explain they violated YOUR terms of service.


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8 Replies to “Chrome and Firefox both ban Dissenter plugin”

    • They didn’t get any support whatsoever, no promotion, no cash to survive. I think they gave up in the face of so much lack of love in those dark times.

    • Yeah I do not like the end of this otherwise excellent video. Personally I think President Trump has a clear plan. I think the deepstate ordered this arrest as the next wave of attacks against President Trump’s base. I doubt highly Donald had anything to do with it. But I do see a pardon in Julian’s future.

      Oh and everyone is suddenly saying Obama was too cool to have him arrested. That is a load of crap. It is because Assange had a dead man switch with enough intel to take down Obama and anyone he ever shook hands with, that is why he didn’t arrest JA.

      If Obama was all groovy on freedom of the press, why did he bug the AP phones at the white house, which was on of his year 1 scandals the media mentioned strictly en passant.

      • Please advise as to which email client you suggest using. (Getting off Gmail.) Many thanks for your invaluable work.

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