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5 Replies to “Just another report from Airstrip One”

  1. This boy is a product of the Internet age and he’s got his guard up, as he should. Selective enforcement is the great modern corruption and he knows it. These cops wouldn’t touch a tard if it bit them on the arse.

  2. Those police officers (using the terms police officers loosly) are suffering from the Judge Dread Syndrome, they think they are the law and everyone else is a criminal.

  3. Lazy plod enjoys a bike ride in a low-crime district on a nice day. Power-trips a random white boy, maybe to justify her sense of self, the role she plays for pay.

    Slashings, acid attacks, mob hits, honor killings, gang rapes. While cowards and bullies like these harass middle-class white people.

    Every legit criticism of cops starts with some mandatory disclaimer: “just doing their job”, “families to feed”, etc. That’s run thin.

    In fact, the job is no longer what it was, the image and description are at odds with everyday reality. To pretend otherwise is dishonest; it justifies complicity in degrading the system.

    And a most critical node of that system: where the onus for life and limb rests on individuals who come forward to take on that responsibility.

    Tough moral decisions for the law enforcement community, when the law itself is up for grabs.

  4. The video seems to have been disabled/removed. Why would this be (an error, or suppression)? What did the video show?

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