Germany: Police shot in line of duty, have graves desecrated with Swastikas?

As close as I can come on this one…

At least one of these policemen was shot by what appears to be a Lebanese muslim. The other one also probably killed by a muslim.

The graves were desecrated with Swastikas because that is the favorite slur of muslims to Germans not because of what Nazis mean or do, but because they know Germans are sensitive to it. When you ask a Muslim what he actually feels about Nazis, they often are quite enthusiastic about them.

But I really do not have more information than what is in the video. I quite welcome additional thoughts, data and analysis on this one.

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4 Replies to “Germany: Police shot in line of duty, have graves desecrated with Swastikas?”

  1. I posted a comment here a few days ago with examples, can’t se it. What gives?

    I found another example, with video. Muslims mock the dead in Finnish graveyard.

    Artilce in in Swedish unfortunately. I think this is the original news article, in Finnish:

    In dutch:

  2. Having firsthand experience with German sensitivities about their Nazi past, it’s difficult to muster up much in the way of sympathy for either of the parties involved.

    None for the Germans, because this is the sort of Cultural Vandalism (i.e., no respect for the dead) which should galvanize ordinary citizens into action irrespective of all other channels.

    None for the Muslim desecrators, since it’s obvious that these invaders must perpetrate something far more heinous than merely violating graves or fräuleins to gain distinctly palpable public attention. With that jihadist mission accomplished, the viral videos of aghast Muslims will really begin to spread.

    To date, willkommenskultur idiots overly-sympathetic Germans clearly have yet to experience an Islamic outrage or atrocity of sufficient proportions to bring out the Medieval Teuton lurking below Deutschland’s surface.

    The live camera phone clips of astonished Muslim faces having their vicious monkeyshines greeted with vigorous non-standard applications of various sporting hardware are certain to go viral milliseconds before they’re sanitized from GlueTube The Narrative™.

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