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13 Replies to “France: First the reign of error, then the reign of terror?”

  1. Juxtapose that against the children of the invaders getting gassed on the Greek border and see who gets the most sympathy.

  2. There’s no remembering how many years ago I concluded that it’s all going pear-shaped when people start devouring their children. It probably was around when the Paleostinians started strapping bomb vests onto tots. Or, maybe it was when those jihadis drove a car bomb onto an American base in Iraq using two infants in car seats as protective camouflage.

    So, what does it tell us when the French state starts terrorizing its own children? Particularly, when such measures are rarely used after carbeques festivities ignite in the banlieues.

    Oedipal Micron exhibits a distinct lack of vested interest in his nation’s future. All across Europe, what passes (like so much political gas) for “leadership” is whatever lite beer or unleaded fuel du jour.

    I say it’s time EU pols stopped trying to shoot pool with a piece of rope and get some lead in their pencils. Either they take note now, or gain a dawning awareness at the wall.

    Such an option is rapidly losing all meaning as this cannibalistic Socialist farce plays out on stages from Caracas to Paris. Ring the curtain down on this Comedy Tragedy of Errors.

    The fun ended almost a century ago back in Lubyanka Square and everything else since has been flat backwash from the bottom of misery’s barrel.

  3. This is what revolutions are made of, this is also what revolutionary justice comes from, does anyone think that the parents of the kids will not get revenge when the opportunity arises? Actions like this cause heads to roll and I do mean roll.

  4. So, I still don’t really get a sense of what the “Yellow Vests” are actually protesting. Are they protesting “capitalism” because they are communists? Do they hate Burger King? Are they protesting against Islamification? Are they protesting the “rise in white nationalism”? Are they mad about the gas tax? Are they mad about “climate change” or do they think that it’s a hoax? Are they just angry because they don’t make enough money and they wish they had more? I’m lost here…

    • Answering that would take an essay and I may have already written it, I dont even remember at this point. But its not a hive mind. It started out as something we really would understand. Objecting ot huge government telling us what to do then making us pay huge for the choices they made us make. Like buying a diesel car then announcing the cost of fuel means you cannot drive anywhere anymore. It was also about Islam and immigration. But the movement quickly got infiltrated and subverted by ANTIFA and every other possible group for a variety of purposes.

      As far as I can tell in this Burger King it was actually just YVP resting inside when they were followed in by cops who beat them. My guess is, the black block of ANTIFA are acting on government instructions to give licence to the police to quell the real peaceful demonstrators.

      I think its going all out of control.

      I hope Sassy and Ava Lon can add or correct me on this.

      • Yes, I think that pretty much defines “going all out of control”. If Antifa aren’t actually agents of the Chinese/Russian/Iranian/Pakistani/North Korean etcetera axis then I’m Donald freakin’ Duck. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many millions of francs are streaming into the pockets of paid agitators in yellow vests? I’ll bet every crazy welfare disability person in France has a fridge full of beer, a big bag of weed, and enough chili to last through the winter all compliments of George Soros or whomever Mr. Soros actually is. They’ve got the Yellow Vesters shooting their own toes off and hopping around in circles like idiots…

        You’ve got to hand it to the bad guys. They have virtually beaten democracy to a pulp and rendered it useless. Le Pen sits on the sidelines while Macron remains in power and they’re still on track to destroy France completely within the next twenty years and Le Pen sits on the sidelines and Le Pen sits on the sidelines and the right wing grows but Le Pen still sits on the sidelines…

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