Police presser on Nasradin Abdusamad Ali’s attempt to burn down a college full of people

Canada and Canadian media and police are so complicit in hiding any Islamic motive to events that we pretty much just have to read between the lines to get any truth. But here a muslim man tried to set major fires at a college with multiple incendiary devices, and only two went off.

This cannot be personal.

when the vigils start for all his potential victims we will update you.

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6 Replies to “Police presser on Nasradin Abdusamad Ali’s attempt to burn down a college full of people”

  1. The way things are going we could very well lose this fight in a few more years if the media/government/Muslim axis does not blink. Not one of those reporters had the guts to ask if the phrase “Allahu Akbar” might have come up during the attack because they know they will be labeled “Nazis” and barred from future access if they dare to be so impertinent. And the bald cop is just a paid liar and the “press conference” is a sham. They have successfully blocked the public from hearing about incidents of Islamic terrorism…

    The moment the Muslim population in Western countries reaches a certain level they will stop being polite about demanding blasphemy legislation and Sharia Law because they won’t have to be polite anymore and there will be nothing we can do to stop them as they strategically block vote with their constantly-swelling population.

    Soon the time will come when Google and YouTube and Mastercard and PayPal and Patreaon and Facebook and all the other super-giant hi-tech monopolies will have their way and sites critical of Islam will be simply taken off the air with no mention in the mainstream media other than that some Neo-Nazi hate groups had been checked. The public will not even know about it let alone care and all access to the truth about Islam will be closed and we will be just like China behind our Great Firewall censored internet. Then we will all be free to focus on the important stuff like climate change and LGBQT high school bullying and white nationalism and, of course, those vitally important “trans-gender issues”. Oh, and don’t forget to get all worked up about plastic fucking straws floating off to kill the birds in Hawaii…

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