A report on events in Paris this past Saturday

I don’t know anything about this woman other than the description she reads fits the video we all see here with our own eyes.

I might add that our faithful video hunter who finds these tells us that adjustments have been made on Google to make it increasingly difficult to find first person accounts of what takes place in France on Saturdays. Allegedly “social media” is as corrupt as CNN, but slightly less effective at it. Keystone Communists if you like. Which makes it more tempting to listen to, and accept the accounts like the one in the video above.

I have placed a title the original Youtube channel in the video for those that wish to have a closer look at the woman who did this reading of the report of the police actions in Paris.

Thank you to MissPiggy who translated this horrifying report.


Just after mid-march, Ava Lon translated this odd video from Paris about a new gas coming from those seemingly EU mini-tanks which crawl Paris streets like roaches. In the context of the video above it suddenly seems much more meaningful.

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6 Replies to “A report on events in Paris this past Saturday”

  1. So what, a far-left Macron government becomes increasingly tyrannical with peaceful, regular French people, while even more radical leftists (Antifa) attack police to provoke reactions against the normal people? If any of this is true it’s much worse than we’re led to believe.

    • I have been expecting the actions of both the police and antifa, what I wasn’t expecting is the new gas, this is some type of nerve gas that I haven’t heard about.

  2. The globalists are no doubt watching closely to see if they have found a new way to quell rebellion. Chemical warfare against the populus. Coming to the rest of EU soon?

  3. Aren’t those the people-catchers from Fahrenheit 451? The one on the right seems to have a scooper and everything…

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