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14 Replies to “Gaza tonight”

    Hamas continues to use force to quell a popular uprising in Gaza as protests against the group’s governance enter a third week. Protesters are beaten and hundreds of people – including journalists – have been detained. Hany Ghoraba
    video – 7 minutes 56 seconds
    Israel is under attack… again. Hamas has just launched another barrage of rockets at Israel and the media is already criticising Israel for defending itself.

  2. I know early this evening IDF blew out Ismail Haniyeh’s office. One hour later, IDF carried out a roof-knock warning on his house.

    • Mossad’s got a thread on it:

      The Mossad @TheMossadIL
      8h8 hours ago
      Some of you requested videos. Here was Hamas’s headquarters.

      We’re going to destroy some Hamas leaders’ houses today.
      Ismail Haniyeh. Listen for the knock on the roof.

      [clips are wonderful !]
      Dr Brian of London

      I closed the steel blast shield over the window in my family bomb shelter tonight. Cleared the access to the room, moved stuff out the way so we can get in there quickly if the alarms go.

      #RelentlessJihad #ResilientIsrael
      This is a video I filmed the last time it looked like rockets would come this way in November last year.

      • Brian’s periscope shows him closing the steel door over the window.

        Warnings: STOP SELFIES!
        It’s just too tempting to hang out the window, watching the bomb _SMASH YOUR FACE_.

      • I saw a real short video clip earlier but this is much better.
        The photos of Hamas headquarter building, just glorious. Nothing left, zero, just rubble.

        Shortly after the roof-knock on Haniyeh’s house, a ceasefire was declared. I guess Haniyeh really likes his house.

        I also saw someone in Gaza screeching on Twitter that they don’t have any bomb shelters. Well, that’s their problem.

        Thanks for the happy ending to my evening.

          • i was in their inner circle for a long time. Let’s say 30 years.
            No Muslim likes the ”Palestinians” but they support them because of the common cause: Muslim.
            End of story.

    • I know early this evening IDF blew out Ismail Haniyeh’s office.

      Please, oh please, oh please somebody tell me that he was in it at the time. I said that they’d better have their life insurance paid up.

      Now would someone please tell me that his pud’s in the mud?!? I can’t stand the tension!! (Fabulous vintage SFW cartoon)

      • I’m certain IDF won’t kill him and also know where he is at all times. It’s better that way. IDF can track every move he does and he knows it.

        • It’s better that way. IDF can track every move he does and he knows it.

          Yeah. Yeah. Better the devil you know … yadda, yadda.

          If Saddam Him to Hell, Qaddafi Duck, and Carne Assad have taught us anything about this whole Arab Sprong shooting match, it’s to let these savages sort themselves out.

          Of course, the mere existence of Russia, Red China, and Iran forbid that … but it’s the thought that counts.

          What amazes me is that Haniyeh’s terrorist confrères haven’t capped his @ss long ago. If Mossad is letting this rectal cavity continue with his oxygen theft, then it’s because they have him more thoroughly penetrated than all ten of this Lion of Islam’s boy toys.

          A “Palestinian” commander surviving in place that long without being subjected to the Yassin-Rantissi Effect is more conspicuous than anything else. Nasrallah’s ability to remain above room temperature notwithstanding.

          All the same, I still say that Mughniyah and Haniyeh rhyme for a reason!

          Speaking ill of the dead of Mughniyah, here’s an entertaining link about the
          Harvey Point Defense Testing facility where they say the spare-tire bomb for Mughniyah’s own private and personal Al-Isra’ wal-Mi’raj was built and tested.

          Evidently, bin Laden’s compound was test driven there as well. Make sure to read through the copious comments. They’re almost more interesting than the article itself and contain lots of speculation from people with intelligence ops experience.

        • Sassy, you’re right.
          It’s a shame, but the security cabinet concensus is that the population of Gaza has to clean up their own mess, pitch out their own leadership.
          Israel doesn’t want to go back in there and try to govern that lot. No win situation.

          • I agree.
            Also, if they knock out Haniyeh, they’re heading into full-blown jihad.
            Totally counter-productive when so many nations are relocating their embassies to Jerusalem.

            • Totally counter-productive when so many nations are relocating their embassies to Jerusalem.

              Really excellent point, Sassy. It’s like how a smart store owner never stops a customer when they’re reaching for their wallet.

              Let’s not scare away anyone who’s actually showing enough courage to hit the hip chose up sides in this very significant, however staged, “conflict” (i.e., cynically calibrated low-intensity genocide aggression that hoovers up shitloads of cash as it barely avoids triggering global intervention).

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