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5 Replies to “A Hindu perspective on Islam, and Islam’s bloody borders”

  1. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so serious. No sane person with a clear understanding of the nature and history of Islam would be in favor of bringing large numbers of Believers into their country. I love hearing about Islam from Indians in the same way that I love hearing about communism from Eastern Europeans because they’ve both been there and suffer under no delusions about Islam or socialism. If you let them in it is just a matter of time that they start demanding a “Homeland” because they hate living under our laws so much. Imagine the endless trouble that would follow the creation of another “Pakistan” inside your country’s borders? The real Pakistan has the A-bomb, for Christ’s sake, and they attack India relentlessly…

    • The real Pakistan has the A-bomb …

      That’s why H-bombs were invented. It’s my understanding that the team of Teller-Ulam and Ivy Mike can make quite an impression (on several square miles, I’m told).

  2. Very good video. I like history also and it certainly tells us of the brutality of Islam. Islam’s allah god (supposedly) tells Muslims in the Quran that they are superior to others (non believers). This “superiority complex” is the root of all major wars in history, I believe, such as Hitler’s Aryan supremacy; Communism’s superiority over other systems; Islam over other religions; and even America’s civil war spawned from slavery, the feeling of superiority of one group of humans over another group of humans resulted in slavery.

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