FRANCE – Yellow Vest Protest – Week 19

as per usual, the meat is under the bread in this post.

Please check the comments for the videos and articles about today’s protests and potential riots. Remember that Macron has brought in the army and gave them permission to use lethal force at their discretion.

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  1. Soldiers may be allowed to ‘open fire’ if lives put at risk by Yellow Vests – military

    French soldiers will be allowed to open fire during Yellow Vest protests if lives are put in danger by rioters. That’s according to an army general, speaking ahead of a 19th consecutive weekend of nationwide demonstrations on Saturday.

  2. Its a civil war in all but name, the problem is only the government and the antifa infiltrators are using violence. This is not going to end well.

  3. Trust an elitist like Micron to countenance gunning down his own citoyens if it’s the price of retaining power. Where is the good Doctor Joseph-Ignace when Marianne is in such distress?*

    * Evidently, a classic victim of his own success.

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