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4 Replies to “Did anyone Catch his name?”

  1. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? If the guy’s name was “MacDougal” and he was wearing a Donald Trump shirt they would be blaring it from the rooftops with lots of pictures and then leading into a story on increased hate crimes by the far right. But this is obviously one of the protected ones so they tell us absolutely nothing whatsoever. Then your liberal friend says, “There’s no bias in the media. You’re paranoid”…

    • Chris…
      Yes he was probably a supporter of Trudeau .

      I would like to say that people really believe in “Free care”. Healthcare workers are abused so often. Unfortunately patients and family members expectations are unrealistic.

      Remember when Ronald Reagan was taken to the operating room after being shot he asked to the surgeon : « I hope you are a Republican » ( or something like that) that was a joke then. Today judges send conservatives to jail for small offense: Dinesh D’Souza .

      The left has politicized everything. How scary it is? The extremely intolerance left.

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