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5 Replies to “AfD delivers reality check in German Parliament about the draconian internet-killing European CR laws”

  1. When I was a kid I remember one day my mother telling me not to use the word, “Hate”. In her reasoning it was too harsh. Use another word, she told me.

    It’s kind of funny now that I recall. And she was right, I think. Telling someone to their face that you hate them is extreme, and unless it is one of those very few times in a lifetime that such a word is merited, it is the wrong word to use. Real hate takes an awful lot of energy to sustain, and is a dark, dark force within a human being. Because of my mother’s sensibility, Hate took a hike that day and never really returned. To this day I only really, greatly dislike the taste of coconut. And chocolate with fruit inside.

    Despite this, our friends on the Left are busy rewriting the Periodic Table to include this most omnipresent new element: Hate.

    The element Hate is inert. It is unique to the Right. It is not found on the Left nor will it even mix with elements of the Left. Amazingly, however, it can only be seen by the Left. Leftist physicists and chemists have discovered that the element Hate exists in the non-visible spectrum of the Far-Right margin. Proof of Hate on the Right, says the Left, is that only they can see it with their special scientist glasses, and it is all over the place on the Right.

    Sometimes, when the Left discovers a bit of Hate that has fallen on its own side, or into Muslim communities, they pick it up and chuck it back into the Right just to clean things up. In fact, the Left’s scientists have done such a great job of cleaning up the world that they’ve practically scrubbed the whole moderate section of the Right into oblivion. This makes the planet a much tidier, managable place. I think these people deserve the Nobel Prize for just about everything. I wish I had a pair of them special scientist glasses.

    Now governments of some Western countries have their bureaucrats, politicians and police looking for HATE CRIMES. Of course, they know exactly where to look. Right here, for instance. In some places now you can go to jail for talking about New Zealand, or for accidentally dropping your ham sandwich in the wrong place. I think the Left is very wise. Ham is a friggin’ bomb. It’s the IED of lunch meats.

    In Dystopia the government is super serious about this new element. Rather than talk about serious bribery crimes within its own ranks, Dear Leader believes that HATE CRIMES are more important. Thank goodness his priorities are straight.

    Eeyore says Irony is the most common element in the universe. I say this has changed. I say it’s Hate. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting Hate nowadays.

    If you’re reading this you’re likely so white and right that you’re outta sight. Even though I have eyes and cannot see, I think I know what’s happened here. By the miracle of alchemy and the magic of special glasses, the Left’s scientists have actually transformed Irony into Hate!

    • Another grand salami, Johnnyu. Straight outta Compton</strike Brompton and just in time for cocktails.

      And chocolate with fruit inside.

      Do I ever know what you mean! It’s like undressing one of those jiggling Thai bar girls only to discover it’s another damned ladyboy.

      Ham is a friggin’ bomb. It’s the IED of lunch meats.

      Ah, g’wan. Yer fulla Bologna!

      PS: I’m just like a ham, but I can’t be cured …

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