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4 Replies to “Kid’s book for sale in Denmark, written by 2 people with Swedish names”

  1. A children’s book seen in a Danish book store. The translated title is “Stupid Donald builds a wall in kindergarten”. The authors names are clearly Swedish.

    If the Swedes can’t stick to their meatballs, then they can stick their meatballs.

    Whichever indigenous Swedes there are that manage to survive will wish like hell they had built a stupid wall back when all of them were in kindergarten. If, like the Great Chinese Wall, it accidentally happened to encase more than a few bodies, so much the better. Eh?

  2. There are leftists everywhere and they are all trying to destroy everyone who opposes them. They are on the down side of history but will do a lot of damage before they are tossed into the trash can of history.

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