Social Media giants unsurprisingly unpopular: Links post 1, March 11, 2019

1. Ireland ups its anti-Israel stance:

Senator calls for Irish boycott of Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv

A Sinn Féin Senator has claimed Israel is using the Eurovision song contest to “present its prettier face and to whitewash and distract attention from war crimes”.

Fintan Warfield called for an Irish boycott of the contest as RTÉ prepares to announce the country’s entry for the 64th annual competition, which takes place in Tel Aviv on Saturday May 18th.


He also called on the Government to send the Israeli ambassador home.


“There should be no entry from Ireland,” Mr Warfield told the Seanad. “Time and again the international community remains silent.

Irish bill to criminalize West Bank, (Judea and Samaria) settlement activity advances.


2. Gestapo Tactics: German YouTuber Faces 5 Years in Jail for Burning Koran, Is Doxxed By Radical Far Left Group

A state-funded Soros-linked hate group with a Stasi past has publicly doxxed the young musician, who goes by the name of Shlomo Finkelstein.


The young man began making videos critical of radical Islam, terror and mass imigration in 2014 after the attack on the satirical magazine „Charlie Hebdo“ in Paris killed 11. „There were kids in my high school who basically approved of the attack and said, it’s our fault if we insult their religion. That made me so angry, I decided to do something about it.“


Due to the constant threat from violent Antifa and death threats from angry Muslims, many conservative German YouTubers have to remain anonymous. Calling himself “Shlomo Finkelstein”, he started a channel named “The Vulgar Analysis”, in which he called out SJWs and Islamization in vivid – often obscene or insulting – terms. As a backdrop video loop, he uses images of him burning a Koran on a barbecue, frying bacon on it, urinating on it and blowing it up with fireworks. “I did it for freedom,”  Shlomo said in a recent interview. “This was the most drastic way to call out the religion that is oppressing us most.”


His channel became one of the most successful conservative YouTube channels in Germany, with 80.000 subscribers at its peak.

3. Anti-Gun Activist Tossed From Gun Hearing After Threatening to Shoot GOP Lawmaker, NRA Members

A woman was reportedly expelled from a gun hearing after she threatened to “blow away” a state GOP lawmaker and NRA members.

A hearing was held in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday to discuss new legislation calling for tougher gun laws following the accidental shooting of a teenage boy.

One of the anti-gun activists ironically threatened to shoot the place up and was subsequently removed from the hearing.

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” a text message from an unidentified woman read.

4. Robert Menard, Mayor of Beziers on Yellow Vest protestors

5. Upcoming trial: The Chancellor of Justice wants Ingrid Carlqvist in prison

– The outcome will have major consequences for all alternative media outlets and podcasts. The goal is to make us as obedient as the mainstream media, and then the system has won, says Ingrid Carlqvist.


She is prepared to fight and says if there is anything she’s willing to go to prison for, it is freedom of speech. At the same time, there is, of course, a concern, and the legal situation seems unclear. The former podcast duo “Ingrid and Conrad” are prosecuted for failure to appoint a publisher – a Swedish construction where one person, often the editor-in-chief, takes legal responsibility for everything that is written in a newspaper or said on radio or television. To not register a publisher is a violation of the constitution, and can result in a prison sentence, but more likely probation and fines.

6. Twitter and Facebook have managed to torpedo their reputations with the American public fairly quickly.

( is fantastic. And its critical that we all use it. Get a GAB account, then sign up for Dissenter. Then comment on ANY video or article anywhere on the internet at all.)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, and all who diligently and regularly find and post important news to the Contributor’s Links post every day. It is an education to read those comments.

Moe to come shortly.

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