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10 Replies to “Anne Marie Waters on freedom of speech, and the constant prosecutions of Tommy Robinson”

  1. It’s so difficult to avoid hearing the tone of righteous desperation in her voice.

    Just like Charlie Hebdo, we are all Tommy Robinson.

    Speaking as an American who’s shrugged off one too many of Europe’s anti-American sneers, I struggle to tamp down any feelings of schadenfreude at hearing this relatively sudden praise for the US Constitution.

    To be sure, it is vital for all Europeans to begin appreciating why the Bill of Rights is so fundamental to human liberty. Still, I’d rather hear a few more kudos for the Founding Fathers: In that their keen foresight looked through the Continent’s royalist aristocracy and specifically designed a nation resistant to such parasitic flummery.

    It will be particularly interesting when they move on from this Damascene moment about First Amendment Rights and start murmuring about the Second Amendment (as Nicolai Sennels already is working on).

    Then the fur will really begin to fly. And perhaps not in a nice way, either.

    • Without the Second Amendment all of the other rights are temporary, an armed citizenry are necessary to prevent the government from becoming overtly oppressive. The Dems have been covertly oppressing the people by weaponizing the Federal (and in some cases the local) police. This is coming becoming public knowledge and people who are usually on the right side of history and who are in the know are saying that prosecutions of the Deep State Officials are about to start.

      Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino are both saying high ranking people are about to take massive falls for their crimes.

      • You got the gun rights but no one is using them.

        The subversive infil-traitor Hussein Obama wasn’t stopped by gun owners. He’s still running around, along with his enablers, committing crime after crime against the American people. So are the despicable Klintoons and a whole lot of other insurgents.

        Defending the constitution with the gun is a right that must be enforced.

        • You got the gun rights but no one is using them.

          That’s the Second Amendment’s true beauty. Intrinsic to its existence is the possibility of citizens with sufficient firepower to take back their government by force.

          No overt attempt need be made (until unavoidable), just the mere threat to politicians is all that’s usually required. After all, the pols might have a bit of difficulty getting the right numbers of cops and soldiers on their side.

          Too bad that America hasn’t smartened up after 0bama’s eight-year pimpslap. It amazes me how that waste of skin is wandering around unconfined.

          • That’s exactly what I tried to tell you. The Obamunists are still there, no one brought out the guns.

            You missed your chance!

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