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8 Replies to “The Anti-White British Police | “Positive Discrimination” For Diversity”

  1. Every where the left controls the government there is corruption, after a while that corruption turns to discrimination against the people that don’t vote for the left.

  2. Diversitity states that Protected Characteristics must not be discriminated against… and to prove it is not happening, Token-Chacts© are hired and fast-tracked to Senior Positions.

    gender reassignment
    marriage and civil partnership
    pregnancy and maternity
    religion or belief
    sexual orientation”

    The goal set then; is to trade off their self-induced victimhood and project their narcissism as virtue. To be the biggest bullies in all organizations. Competetence doesn’t matter.

    A host nation will have less misfits. A minority distressed by Marxism will have proportionally more psychologically and physically damaged within each category.

    Hence, in any fully Diverse Environment, Whites are only represented by homosexuals. Their fragment of the Rainbow Nation.

    Now the whole of society must reflect their work force.

    • The goal set then; is to trade off their self-induced victimhood and project their narcissism as virtue.

      [golf clap]

      PS: Get that mouthful down to eight-words-or-less and you’ve got yourself a splendid meme!

        • Saw that earlier but Jussie is just too fifteen-minutes-of-fameish—at least if the MSM has its way. Still, given my druthers, I’d ruther it was something with a much bigger blip on the hoaxing timeline.

          That said, you’re absolutely right to look at Smollett for HWI–¶WgS (Hoaxing While under the Influence, subpart: Weapons-grade, category: Stupidity*). Even as I type this his brain cells and IQ points are battling each other to gain numerical supremacy.

          * (Hat tip – Rasmussen)

  3. Someone needs to start removing these fools by any means, seeing as voting has no effect on their lunacy. You would think that she had a shred of guilt over saying such trash but the bigot is quite serious.Other than being female, what exactly is her achievement in the police? Anyone? and NOT Wikipedia please! Women like her who arrive at such a position, fast tracked purely because they are women who toe the party line and speak the leftist bleat are an embarrassment to most real women who actually have to work hard like most men, to achieve anything in life.

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