Fast FIVE items of interest for February 27, 2019

1. Could this be what Trudeau was going for when he went to India?

2. BREAKING: In Testimony, Jody Wilson-Raybould Says Justin Trudeau Brought Up His Status As “Quebec MP,” And “Election In Quebec” During ‘Inappropriate’ Pressure On SNC-Lavalin

3. Project veritas busts Facebook’s fraudulent “de-boost” program

4India prepares for war: 14,000 bunkers are built along Pakistan border as the nations prepare their military and Islamabad warns its rival nuclear power ‘better sense’ is needed to avoid conflict

India is preparing for war with the construction of 14,000 bunkers to protect families on the Pakistan border as Islamabad invokes the spectre of nuclear conflict, telling India ‘better sense’ is needed.


Earlier today Pakistan and India said they had shot down each other’s warplanes, in a dramatic escalation of the dangerous confrontation between the nuclear-armed rivals.

Pakistan said it downed two Indian jets in its airspace and captured two pilots, later amended to one: whom they then seemingly paraded – blindfolded and bloodied – for the camera.


On Tuesday evening, Islamabad used heavy calibre artillery to shell 12 to 15 places along the Indian side creating panic among the populace on the border where bunkers are being hastily thrown up to ease their fears. 

The downed pilot was named today as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman and seen in a video of what appears to be an interview at a Pakistani Air base, in which he refuses to reveal any information about his capture – or captors.


The video was slammed by India, who called it ‘vulgar’, adding that it expected his ‘immediate and safe return’ in a statement release by the Ministry of External Affairs.  

Earlier today, India confirmed the loss of one of its planes and said it had shot down a Pakistani fighter jet, in a conflict played out over the skies of the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir. 

(A look at the video of the captured Indian pilot gives an actionable understanding of the Pakistani rules of engagement. I hope they understand that if they ignore the Geneva Convention, published here earlier) the rest of us can ignore it as well and it will not go well for Pakistan.)

Below, Pakistani triumphalism:

5. CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: Thugs deface church with threatening graffiti – ‘you are FINISHED’.

Thugs in the Turkish capital Istanbul spray painted threats on an Armenian church with messages in both English and Arabic warning “you are finished”. Security cameras recorded the vandals spraying the “racist and hate speech” on the walls and door of the Armenian Church of the Holy Mother of God, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from across Turkey’s Armenian community, which the prosecution watchdog says is frequently harassed and targeted through hate crimes.


Garo Paylan, an Armenian Member of Parliament, tweeted: “A hate attack has been carried out against Balat Surp Hreshdagabet Armenian Church.


“Every year, scores of hate attacks are being carried out against churches and synagogues. Not just the perpetrators, but also the people who are behind them, should be addressed.


“For the most important part, the politics that produce hate should be ended.”


Around one million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire, which would later become Turkey, in a slaughter which began during World War One.

Thank you, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, EB., Xanthippa, and all who sent in so many and such important news links.

Interesting times.

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11 Replies to “Fast FIVE items of interest for February 27, 2019”

    • It is getting serious and earlier I posted an comment about the number of nuclear weapons in the hands of India and Pakistan and to an extent why I though they probably won’t go nuclear and why China won’t intervene.

      The problem is I could be wrong, and when one side wants to get the 72 virgins and the other side believes in reincarnation their actions may not match what we consider rational.

      • Reincarnation – maybe as a black dog in a tardish hellhole.
        Belief in reincarnation won’t provoke irrational military behavior. To compare it to the tardish death cult is unfair.

      • The problem is I could be wrong, and when one side wants to get the 72 virgins and the other side believes in reincarnation their actions may not match what we consider rational.
        The problem is I could be wrong, and when one side wants to get the 72 virgins and the other side believes in reincarnation their actions may not match what we consider rational.

        For just this once, it may be uncannily safe to cite the Generalized China–Syndrome Theorem. While neither India nor Pakistan has any meltdown-grade catastrophe that can deliver the train wreck appeal of a breached Three Gorges Dam sluicing half their population out to sea, both of the Subcontinent’s countries have managed to make noticeable progress.

        For instance, India recently launched a successful Mars probe for well under the cost of an average Hollyweird blockbuster (i.e., 454 crore – US$63 million). Considering that the nation’s first satellite was wheeled around on a bike rack (see: and launched from a church, just fifty-six years ago represents astounding progress.

        None of which can possibly hold a candle to what has come to pass in the Islamic $h!thølé that’s cunningly disguised as Pakistan. Their bold repositioning in this new millennium is nothing less than an ascension to the throne of regional supremacy.

        It would be an egregious understatement to label this gut-wrenching and moving struggle merely as a glistening deposit against the future. In a mere eyeblink this country has wiped away its past, risen from a once-squat posture to become the cynosure of all eyes.

        From frontier borders to metropolitan cores, jubilant citizens celebrated Pakistan’s perilous ascent to an exalted and rightful perch on the region’s throne. All because of its newfound status of $h!thølé.

        Awestruck tones and purple prose are inadequate to such a colossal task as properly elucidating the modern miracle of this fledgling nation boldly transitioning from a featureless landscape bereft of outdoor plumbing to one where THERE’S ACTUALLY A HOLE TO $H!T IN!!!

        That’s good news, right? No, that’s bad news…

        (T = 00:01:29)

      • If Hindus put on suicide belts so that they could enter Nirvana, or the return to the Diversity-In-Reverse of the Cast System to prop up the Brahmins, then there would a moral-equivalence to Heavenly Whores and Sharia. The False Images equal to the False Words.

        But islam is just a sex-cult, (part of the LGBTQ+ Community), where outrage and the demand for a screw-fix is the night-and-day blame game for every junkie.

        Now Communism says “hey, we can supply you with all this happiness-dope until it kills you”. This is their temporary Socialist Paradise. Total Centralization, and then bam!!!! All from infecting the youth. This is the equivalence to Islam. China vs Pakistan. When two dictators go to war.

  1. Dear Leader doesn’t deserve to carry PT’s golf bag, let alone challenge him in any other way. Just look at the choices facing Dystopia–not to mention the U.S. as they must deal with their wayward northern neighbor. The next election will offer a Communist party (NDP), a “Socialist” party lead by Dear Leader (Liberal but really commie), a Conservative party that seeks power by resembling the Socialists, or the People’s Party of Canada, which wants to restore real conservative values.

    The U.S. is becoming flanked by leftist nations without a peep from msm.

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