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10 Replies to “War on Women: Two Trans ‘Girls’ Just Dominated Connecticut’s Women’s Track and Field”

  1. The dominant female in the home and the weak male:

    Islam and Communism. Just more sub-dom relationships with women and their seeking their own brittle-weak identities.

    “I am not surprised that Keith Vaz has been caught sleeping with male hookers. I’m one myself and so I know that overweight married Asians are our staple. We often joke that without Indians and-Middle Eastern guys, we’d all be broke. They are always married. I’ve always been sickened by the way they betray their wives, but they aren’t paying me for my judgment.

    There are different types of rent boy. Some are very young, slim and smooth. They are called twinks. I am dark, hairy and muscled, which appeals to certain clients who want a ‘real man’. I’ve been escorting for nearly four years, and I’ve had hundreds of different and weird experiences. I see men of all different ages and backgrounds. I meet lawyers, businessmen, all sorts.

    I see a few politicians, too — from the House of Lords and the House of Commons. One has a nice car and he collects me, then drives me back to his flat. He has a house outside London but he uses the place in London for dangerous liaisons. (This is common.)”

  2. Diese Schadenfreude Gefühle machen mich übermäßig verklempt!

    I can’t help myself. No matter how desperately I want to squeeze out a tear over this, the cruel laughter just wells up so spontaneously that I don’t even have time to reach for a megaphone, much less fire up my PA’s 600W (Peavey XRD-680S) stereo powered mixer.

    As someone who couldn’t give a fug about organized sports, I’m nonetheless aware of how Title IX impacted campuses across the USofA. Women certainly were entitled to their concerns, seeing as how funding and academic resources were being disproportionately consumed by male-only sports.

    As Progressive types so often do, pugilistic Feminazis Feminists went extra rounds with all the usual “inclusiveness” (now, “Intersectional”) bull’s pizzle and nimbly antagonized not only their opponents but fence-sitters, too.

    Their poor showing in so many opening rounds wasn’t just due to the everyday annoyance of all that stridently shrill whining. What definitely got them dropkicked them out of the ring was being so bare-knuckled about every little thing even as they insisted upon everyone else giving them the kid glove treatment.

    Like most low-level irritants, after decades of operatic pissing and moaning, that sort of drama-queening became just another intermediate difficulty stop on the par course of sorely abused tolerance. Still, there aren’t enough gym mats at UCLA to cushion what really strained the moral fiber of most regular folks.

    Rocketing through the rankings like this isn’t easy and it took forcing open every last closet door in Freaksville’s locker room to make their whiny-@ss demands for diversity into the laugh riot we know and love so well.

    What gender was that you say? Be very specific now, please (at risk of PoMo-imposed jail time). Exactly which of over 70 pronoun-bearers are there that should be the only ones deemed qualified for entry in women’s sporting events? Hmmmm?

    After all, it’s not as if proto-Feminists were overly concerned about the USSR’s (i.e., Unconvincing Soviet Shemale Rasslers) mustachioed middleweights when they were scooping up the Gold with fists the size dinner plates.

    So, why is it only now that there’s any fuss and bother about un-transitioned whateveryoucallems grabbing the medals and then grabbing some off-field glutes in the steam bath? It’s just girls being girls (right?) and far too late for any red cards from the refs—who all are suspiciously deep-voiced anyway.

    The thought never occurred to me that within my lifetime I would see radical Feminism get bitten so firmly on its own sweater-draped @ss that there’s 79¢ worth of hamburger missing.

    Worth the price of admission alone.

  3. Stop using the gynocentric narrative.

    This is not a war on women,it is a war on everybody,man,woman and child.

    Brought about entirely by allowing women to get out of hand in the first place,just as the nation wrecking elites planned.

  4. How can these boys have a sense of achievement? They beat girls, they must feel small when comparing themselves to boys who compete against boys (even the losers).

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