Venezuela videos and news for today’s events: Feb. 23/19

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  1. The situation is still in doubt, if Maduro can get enough police and military to use live ammo on the people he can still win. If he can’t the people will win.

  2. It is now up for grabs, if the rebels can get enough soldiers and police on their side they have won, if they can’t it will take foreign intervention.

    Things are going to get interesting down South, and the need for the wall just increased by several orders of magnitude.

    • Trump isn’t a military guy. He’s a genius of an unprecedented level. He works around it with multiple game plans. Maduro is falling in the Trump trap, that of isolating himself. And an isolated leader loses its military.

      This weekend alone, he has China by the economic balls.

      • Trump has a lot more military training then you realize, and some of his military advisers are the best in the world.

        The ideal military solution is to maneuver your enemy into a position where the choices are surrender or die. This is the ideal, it is rarely, very rarely achieved. Check your prejudices about the military at the door, you will learn more that way.

        • Not to worry, I know re Trump. He went to a Military college. He’s the guy that launched Space Force. And I’m fully aware of his Advisors.

          I have the utmost respect for the USA Military. I’m very well informed. I’m subscribed to USA military websites. They show us the most recent which means they’re not showing us their latest prototypes.

          But I repeat, Trump will not use USA Military in Venezuela. It’s not necessary.

          As I mentioned earlier, and I agree with you, Trump wants Maduro to go into self-isolation and that is when the military will switch sides.

        • The ideal military solution is to maneuver your enemy into a position where the choices are surrender or die.

          A big problem lies in how often hardshell commies (just like Muslims!) choose the “or die” option and then do their best to take everyone else down with them (and I do mean everyone).

          It’s a damn good reason for some (i.e., your) serious concern about Communist China’s cloning, gene editing, and supposed Artificial Intelligence*. Taken together, these are three legs that artificially (i.e., unnaturally) help stabilize an otherwise alien, inhuman operation.

          * When state-of-the-art ULS (Ultra Large Scale) Expert Systems are simultaneously fed wideband data such as:

          Private email
          Police reports
          Internet activity
          Mobile device I/O
          Updated GPS location
          Facial recognition networks
          ALPR vehicle registration scanning
          Satellite Imaging and telecom traffic
          Electronic financial transaction records
          Fast Pass and mass transit movements
          Prior personal contact reports or mentions
          Realtime blanket CCTV VIS-NIR coverage

          PUT ALL OF THIS together and it begins mimicking Artificial Intelligence, especially in a room full of people who no longer write, don’t read books, and depend upon the MSM for entertainment and information.

          As Clarke’s Third Law states:

          Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

          Given the current rate of widespread dumbing down, very soon top-end Expert Systems likely will be the smartest one in the room.

          Finally, add into the above roster:

          DNA sample
          Blood sample
          Medical records
          School Transcript
          Known Associates

          The list is as endless as the day is long.

          1984 can’t hold a candle to what awaits.

          • Tonight, when all is now quiet, the Army and Military will think about the burning of the humanitarian aid.

            The Great Trump is waging a psychological war, not a military one.

  3. I think that Maduro knows that once the foreign aid starts getting through there will be no way he can continue denying there is a crisis and his position is going to become untenable and he will soon be leaving office for good. Once the masses start digging into those piles of food and medicine the party is going to be over for Maduro and there is no way in hell the people are going to let those convoys stop or slow down once they get started. No way in hell. I think Mr. Maduro is toast. If he stops the aid he prevents the propaganda attack but loses public support. If he doesn’t stop the aid he will be swamped by it and simply swept aside by the hungry mobs who won’t be interested in hearing about how everything is fine in Venezuela. What can Maduro do…? All is lost…

    • Maduro isn’t toast yet, he can still win. As I said above it depends on how many police and military will fire on the protesters.

      Don’t let your wishes dictate what you are thinking, the situtation is still in flux and we don’t know what is going to happen.

      I doubt if the protests spread very far in Cuba and Nicaragua the communists have had control of those nations too long, and in Cuba the Castros have let those with the will to rebel slip our or leave openly. This has left a compliant populous.

      In Venezuela it is about 60-40 that the protesters win, the longer it goes with no mass causalities the better the protesters chances get.

      • It’s the extended family members of the higher-ups in the regime. Notice the died hair (blond).

        Notice they’re wearing RED caps (subliminal MAGA). Where did they get those red caps?

        Look at it with the sound muted. Not many happy people.

        REPEAT: Always look at a video first with the audio, then mute it and repeat. You’ll be amazed.

  4. I think we’ll know one way or the other soon enough. Anything can happen but my sense of it is that Maduro is about to be swept away once he loses the ability to say, “there is no crisis in Venezuela”, with any degree of credibility. Once the cameras get an eyeful of those hungry mobs savaging the aid convoys there will be no doubt that there is a crisis in Venezuela and Maduro just won’t be able to keep denying it and leftists like “The Young Turks” won’t be able to keep saying it and so on down the line. Game over. And blockading food convoys is like juggling bottles of nitroglycerine while riding a horse standing up…

    • IMO: Maduro and his cohort senior-level military will fight it out till the end. Why? They no longer have much to lose.

      Trump and other nations have frozen their foreign bank accounts. They have nowhere to go without money. And I doubt they want to live in Iran, China, or Russia without the money they need to maintain their lifestyles.

      And if they do manage to leave with their gold ingots, they know the host country will take possession of the ingots. In other words, they’re doomed.

      • Some of the corrupt commie dictators in Africa “retired” to the USSR, kept significant personal funds to live very well there. A kind of community of ex-dictators. They gave lectures at Moscow University!

        Maybe – just maybe – Maduro has a helicopter at the ready 24/7 to make a run for it. Putin doesn’t confiscate the money from his former puppets. Bad PR. They’re “senior statesmen”.

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