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13 Replies to “Do leftists need to lie about the US to justify their politics?”

  1. Frank Gatson – Jussie’s Choreographer

    “The Man with Jussie Smollett the Night of Attack Speaks Out”
    Extra – February 6, 2019

    Frank Gatson, the man who was with Jussie Smollett the night he was attacked in Chicago, is speaking out about the incident.

    “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Gatson, who is Jussie’s choreographer, at the amfAR New York Gala 2019.

    “I was there with Jussie,” he said. “I’m the one who called 911, I am the one who took him to the hospital, and it was so scary, man, that was a scary night — my stomach was numb.”

    Frank continued, “I’m just glad I was the old man at his apartment when he got there, I was responsible. I said, ‘Let’s call the cops, let’s go to the hospital.’ Shout out to Chicago police, especially the sergeant that came and got things together and made us feel comfortable.”…

  2. FEB 18 2019 – CNN – Sources: Police believe actor paid two men to orchestrate assault

    “….careful reporting by the press…”

  3. Nah , not just about the US ; leftists need to lie about everything to justify their politics . More than willingly helped along by media-prostitutes …

  4. The left needs to lie about everything to justify every action they take or try to take.

    In their minds they are the good guys fighting evil and the end (defeating evil and creating utopia) justifies every action they take.

  5. I would say that the international left going back into the days of the Iron Curtain has concentrated a highly disproportionate emphasis on the hatred and denigration of the United States. The Beach Boys and the blue jeans and the blondes are more frightening to the dictators of the world than a million battle tanks because their own people ultimately have the power to shut them down in a second if they really wanted to go Western and reject tyranny and then maybe hang them up on meathooks. I would say the number of anti-US documentaries versus the dictators runs about twenty-to-one anti-American. Well-made documentaries, too. Homelessness and racial prejudice and police brutality and poverty and pollution and homophobia and the KKK and on and on and on. “Oh, how terrible it would be to be living in the USA. Never mind trying to be like them… Look at the homelessness…”.

  6. Smollett case: New questions over initial reaction from top Dems

    Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker immediately condemned the alleged attack as a hate crime.

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