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13 Replies to “Rabbi Lankry’s yeshivah in Liberty upstate NY was set on fire and a Swastika and SS letters were scrawled on the walls.”

  1. Another Democrat-inspired antisemitic attack designed for “far-right” blame? (How can we think otherwise as the Democratic party morphs itself into the new Nazi party?)

    Time to drop your burka, Nancy. Show us who you really are.

    • They are the new Nazi Party and are moving to turn the US into a socialist hell hole. The reason they are so upset with AOC and her crew is that they are showing the voters what the Dems really are before the Dems secure enough power to take over. Their arrogance always makes them move before they are ready and it is only in non industrialized nations or nations with heavy handed gun control that they succeed.

      I pray that our neighbors to the North will be able to remove their radical leftist government and replace it with one that believes in freedom on their own.

    • Leftists will continue to vote Democrat no matter what else they are. Some of them are Jews and you will know that because they will make SURE you know that.

      Jews who are more rational recognize that there is no connection between their ethnicity and their politics so won’t shove their Jewishness in your face the way leftist Jews, or leftist blacks or leftist women or leftist homosexuals do.

      Her problem is not that she is a woman. Her problem is that her leftism is getting her to use her femaleness to be subservient to her leftism much like Demonic possession is alleged to work.


  2. @BL@KBIRD
    This particular yeshivah (religious school) that was attacked are zionist, you can also be sure they would have voted for trump, as would all modern orthodox Jews, Jews are not a monolith, never have been and never will be.

    • Though they’ll be SEEN as a monolith by others most of the time. Even friendly, well-intentioned others.

      Oh, why don’t the Jews wake up?!
      That also happens to be THE dominant topic on websites popular with observant Jews and Zionists of all flavors, including Christian Evangelicals.

      Only treated with considerably less kindness and patience. Because the liberal, assimilated Jew-ish majority in the West poses an existential threat to us, personally.

      And they’re completely mistaken about the core beliefs of Judaism! Leftist gobbledygook, essentially antithetical to the actual tenets of the religion. A misrepresentation so gross, it’s a cosmic sin.

      Sin - especially cosmic sin - sounds old-fashioned, I know. The kind of thing that gets you struck by lightning or causes the earth to open up and swallow you.

      But the _very_ worst part is they’re close family.

      My own niece[*] is a Pallywood producer. She lives in Europe, a celebrity throughout the Islamic world. Appalling nazi-porn fabrications, she’s credible because she’s promoted as a Jew born in Israel.
      [*] The person who used to be my niece. Now it’s just DNA somewhere.

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