Could this be the BBC’s most pernicious deception?

This week, the BBC covered the first ever successful prosecution of a case of FGM, something which is and should be illegal in a civilized country.

There are thousands of reported cases of it every year, tens of thousands of reported cases altogether. And from what reports I have read, all or nearly all, by muslims. but not one ever successful prosecution of it. Ever. Not one.

Now we have this from Al Beeb:

FGM: Mother guilty of genital mutilation of daughter

Please read that article linked above. Here is one tiny excerpt:

The 37-year-old mother from east London wept in the dock as she was convicted after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Spells and curses intended to deter police and social workers from investigating were found at the Ugandan woman’s home, the trial heard.


Her 43-year-old partner was acquitted by the jury.

Prosecutors said the mother “coached” her daughter “to lie to the police so she wouldn’t get caught”.

I can only guess how others will read it but I read it this way:

To appease the unwashed masses who object to the total replacement of thousands of years of due process and case law with sharia, we will finally prosecute a case of FGM. So long as it isn’t a muslim. But we will report it in a way that no one can really tell, so people can pretend to themselves that the UK is doing something to enforce our own laws.

The “Spells and curses” part kinda gives it away as not Islamic. This was likely an African Animist sect as they do not call their spells and curses by those names.

Douglas Murray adds his take on this report but misses this point altogether.

For him it is about the total failure of the system to deal with it and he praises this conviction. I think this conviction makes it worse. Sort of like calling Islamic sex gangs, “Asian” so that we dilute the critical fact that this is an Islamic thing, and not Japanese or Taiwanese people turning British white children into sex-slaves on an industrial scale.

This conviction at best is slight of hand. Look up the sleeve. You will see an Islamic army up there and headed your way.



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    video – 1 minute 14 seconds
    Last night on Question Time from North Lanarkshire, an audience member took apart the SNP’s hypocritical stance on Brexit and a second Scottish independence referendum. “You just don’t listen, you’re losers, you need to get voted out” Clearly the best Question Time audience contribution since 2014’s passionate highlander…

    No doubt striding through the corridors of the UN pretending you’re Golda Meir with a more stylish wardrobe is a rush but the people who elected her would rather she spent her time advocating for better public services from the government she leads. Of all the downsides of devolution, one of the most comical is the sight of people who would otherwise be lucky to scale the dizzying heights of their local town hall strut around Turtle Bay like they’re squeezing in Madeleine Albright for brunch before this afternoon’s vote in the Security Council. The Scottish Government needs to be reminded that it is the junior partner to the UK Government, not equals, not sovereign allies. A return to the original name ‘Scottish Executive’ might be in order, as would an explicit warning of prorogation should Holyrood ever press on with another independence referendum without a Section 30 order (i.e. without the approval of Parliament). Devolution’s design flaws allow Nicola Sturgeon to jet around the world pretending to be a head of state when there are more pressing matters to attend to at home. Perhaps if she won’t use the powers she has, Westminster should start taking some of them back. Stephen Daisley

  2. This conviction at best is slight of hand. Look up the sleeve. You will see an Islamic army up there and headed your way.

    Once the soft portion of the invasion and colonization is past and the harsh rule begins the masses are going to discover just how much their traitorous political elite have betrayed them. This is when the Europeans will revert to the people who conquered the entire world.

  3. The “Spells and curses” part kinda gives it away as not Islamic. This was likely an African Animist sect as they do not call their spells and curses by those names.

    Agreed and disagreed.

    Agreed, in that the defendant was likely NOT a Muslim. It’s too easy to point at the reams of decades old, blank FGM indictment forms left uncontaminated by date, place or time, much less any record of arrest—all for what is, hands down, one of the more vicious crimes in existence that does not involve flat-out murder. Even though it is difficult to survive, rape ends. FGM is for life.

    Just the overt threat of violent Muslim reprisal against kuffars who dare to enforce their haram, manmade legal code is enough to make timid British judges retract into their chambered shells like panicked mollusks.

    Sexual Blinding —as FGM is know amongst its victims—constitutes a physical cruelty on par with daily rape or torture. This permanent disfiguring warps the act of normal sexual intimacy into a perpetual reminder of brutal domination … Exactly as Islam prefers for second-class citizens like women to feel.

    Disagreed, for sheer volume and variety of superstition, Islam puts to total shame relatively harmless creeds like Animism. Which foot must lead when entering a restroom or toilet stall? Which foot must lead when exiting a restroom or toilet stall?

    What phrases (like: May Bees Pee Upon Him) must be repeated ad infinitum for life, if only five times a day. From: Funny Muslim Superstitions…

    Growing up in a Muslim family I was informed about a great deal of priceless superstitions. The ones that I remember are:

    • Close your mouth when you yawn or the devil will enter your body. Then the devil will make you want to do bad things like gay sex.

    • Enter the bathroom with your left foot and exit with your right, or else the devil will enter your body.

    • Say salam when entering your house after a night out, or else the devils will not leave the house and enter your body. You will then proceed to fantasize about vaginas.

    • Eat from your side of the plate, if you reach out to other sides the devil will enter your body.

    • Eat with your right hand, or else the devil will enter your body.

    • Don’t talk or sing in the shower, or else the devil will enter your body.

    • Don’t sleep on your back or belly or else, you guessed it, the devil will enter your body. Then you will start thinking about drenching your genitals in alcohol and twerking to Miley Cyrus music.

    • Gay sex causes earthquakes. (LOL)

    • Too many people having haram sex also causes earthquakes. (LOL x100)

    • If you masturbate, the devil will help you.

    • Watching porn will cause your penis to fall off because the devil chopped it off.

    • Tampons make you lose your virginity and you will be pregnant with demon children because tampons are actually the devil’s penis.

    • If you insult the Quran you will turn into a pig.

    • Speaking of pigs, they are actually all Jews.

    • Stop looking at your Muslim brother like that! If you have sex with him the devil will rape you in your sleep!

    Not even the Puritan elders of Salem could concoct such a laundry list of absurd and meaningless minutiae. Dunking stools, pillories, and stocks all take on the ponderous significance of Fisher-Price preschool gimcracks compared to Islam’s chorus line of chopping blocks, amputating machines (ask Iran), and rapes-disguised-as-“exorcisms”.

    Djinns and houris overpopulate a terrifying, demon-strewn Islamic landscape that, for many of the exact same reasons, even today remains as barren of genuine societal progress as any Himalayan summit.

    • That is very good NR. But I was not saying muslims don’t have spells and incantations. Its almost all they have when they aren’t spinning each other up with hate. I just said they do not call them by those names.

      Which is true. Islam denies it does magic and kills those who say they do.

      I view that as pretty much wiping out the competition in the bullshit market.

      • Not in my experience in Egypt and Lebanon, Eeyore.

        Spells and curses and charms and painting doors blue – all that rot may not be halal, but it’s everyday life. Doesn’t seem to give pause to even the most scrupulous Moslem.

        It’s a sort of lares and penates, doesn’t impinge on Religion. The learned professor at al-Azhar might find it objectionable, but he wouldn’t bother his sister or mother about it.

      • Witchcraft in Morocco

        […]Throughout the Islamic world, there is a stigma surrounding Morocco and the practice of witchcraft. Shawafas (witches) are consulted for a wide range of issues…

        […]Along with these sorcerers there are many shrines throughout the country that are said to have different powers.

        […]There are many caves and grottos as well as actual buildings that are shrines across Morocco where people leave offerings; anything from lit candles to slaughtered chickens or food for the spirits

        more on this page :
        Witchcraft in Morocco: A day with Shawafa

        Moroccans spend lots of money on witchcraft

        more :

        Zouhri Children and Witchcraft: Morocco’s Darkest Beliefs

        Casablanca – They are called “Zouhri children,” victims of medievalist beliefs that still lamentably persist in the minds of some Moroccans.

        In the world of witchcraft and black magic, a Zouhri child’s blood is gold. The success of some medievalist witchcraft rituals necessitates the sacrifice of a Zouhri child. It starts with abduction and ends up with corpses of innocent children, whose only crime is being born with distinctive physical marks, thrown dead in nature.

        more :

        • Moroccan Jews used to be riddled with the same superstitions. When they came to Israel, that persisted till the next generation. I suppose those who went to France shook it off too.

          NOT kosher, not at all.

  4. BBC News – FGM ‘being performed on UK babies’

    ( 9 min 54 )

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) is increasingly being performed on babies and infants in the UK, we have been told.

    FGM expert and barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman said it was “almost impossible to detect” as the girls were not in school or old enough to report it.
    In one case, in Yorkshire, a victim was just one month old.

    Anna Collinson reports, in the days following a landmark first conviction for FGM in the UK

    + comments on the YT page

    Daniel Bostock ( 3 days ago )

    The BBC is 20 years behind on this issue.
    “Fascists” have been trying to help these Children for years.?


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