Lauren Southern speech at the European Union this weekend

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2 Replies to “Lauren Southern speech at the European Union this weekend”

  1. Pure misery for Europe and generations to come , I hope one day it will be justice for this traitors: Merkel, Macron , and all this corrupted EU. It’s just despicable what are they done to this continent, and European people.

  2. I realize that Lauren can’t come out and admit that the globalists are using the migrant crisis that they caused to destroy the West so they can try to create therir idea of utopia. I feel sorry for the migrants that are truly moving to try and live their dream, I feel sorry for them, but not enough to let the further destroy my country so they can try to live out their dream. If we let them in to try and live their dreams they will destroy the dreams of millions of people who were either born in the US or who came here legally.

    All nations have limited space and limited resources, we have to limit the people we allow to use those resources or our nations will be destroyed. When we use this argument we are called evil because we are worried about what is going to happen to our own people before we worry about what is going to happen to the people who think they are special and don’t have to obey the rules. Some of the people are trafficking the migrants, some are migrants and some are criminals, but they all have one thing in common they think they have the right to force the Western Nations to open our borders to everyone who wants to come into our nations. They either don’t care that doing this will destroy the Western nations, don’t understand that this will happen or are supporting the migrants to bring about the collapse of civilization. If freedom is to survive we have to shut our borders, regain control of our nations and then work to ensure that no one political ideology can gain enough power to recreate this crisis in the future.

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