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2 Replies to “Exposing a major communist group within US politics”

  1. I don’t think it is possible to over state the importance of recognizing the “Democratic Socialists” (talk about a massive oxymoron) as a communist group that is intent on destroying democracy and freedom on North America. Red Cortez and hte others of her ilk that were elected in 2018 are the tip of the iceberg, there are many communists in the Democrat party who are hiding what they are because they know that to tell the truth would get them voted out of office. Red Cortez and her cohorts are giving cover for the rest of the commies in the Dems to move further left. The move left will be made under the guise of “we are trying to take voters away from the Democratic Socialists”.

    Welcome to our mutual nightmare, one that we will experience awake and asleep. This is a new tactic that the far left is using and we have to come up with a counter to this and fast.

    Thank God that Gina Shakespeare and others like her have moved to the US to fight to keep us free so we can be used to free the nations they came from.

  2. When you think about this video remember the video in today;’s thread “So how is the Government-Media complex managing what we are allowed to know so well?” Red Cortez is not part of the cabal described in the other th read, for this reason she is a danger to them as well as to u s. When the civil wars start there will be a minimum of 4 sides fighting and probably more.

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