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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Germany: The city of Essen becomes a Muslim migrant metropolis+++
    The largest city in the Ruhr area is well on its way to becoming a German Molenbeek. Already every fourth person in Essen is a foreigner. The majority of the immigrants come from Islamic countries and have increased the population to 590,000. At the same time, the number of Germans has fallen by over 29,000 to just 434,000. These facts emerge from a report in the newspaper DerWesten. Between 2011 and 2018, 37,000 people without German citizenship were added. In total, almost one hundred thousand immigrants without German citizenship live in the Ruhr metropolis. In addition, there are a further 13,000 inhabitants with dual citizenship. According to the census, this is now a total of 60,000. Almost half of them come from Turkey.The number of Muslim migrants in particular has risen sharply as a result of the wave of refugees. The number of Syrians has almost doubled since 2011 (12,000) with 11,500 new arrivals. The number of Iraqis has also jumped from 7,500 to 12,000. The number of Afghans has also risen by a further 2,000 from 5,000.”With 417 more genuine citizens of Essen, however, the increase is significantly lower than in previous years. In the previous year, too, the increase in population was not as high as before,” the newspaper derwesten notes with calm. After all, the city with its new citizens has enough problems to deal with. Only yesterday the same newspaper wrote: “Criminal clans in Essen: After a raid in a coffeehouse – residents say: Quarter “goes to the dogs”. Growth is always a relative term.
    Read more:

  2. Pegida organized another protest in front of a mosque in Utrecht, the Netherlands. “Youths” showed up to shut it down, just like last time. This time however they also attacked police, then rampaged through an adjacent neighborhood, vandalizing cars:

  3. “Three vigilantes lured a convicted child killer to a flat to brutally murder him after he moved into their quiet Welsh village, a court heard.”

    What the Daily Meddler does not tell us:
    “Jane Pickthall found her son’s lifeless body and wrapped him in a jacket and “just stood there clutching him for about an hour” – …”
    “It was the crime that a judge described as “the worst in the land” and sent a child killer to jail for more than 30 years.”

    • There is valuable info in this brief interview, info that should be spread around the world but it is up to the alternative media to spead it, the Propaganda Media will never admit this problem until it is too late for anything besides massive military force.

    • Well worth the ten minutes of listening.

      From what I’ve read of the great historic military fiction author, W. E. B. Griffin*, the Triple Frontier (AKA Tri-Border Area at the nexus of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil) has been a hotbed of international and overseas intrigue ever since the Nazi era (and probably well before then).

      * Highly recommended to fans of this genre. Griffin ladles out well-researched military and espionage history with generous sides of ham-on-wry humor and bareknuckle drama (particularly his profile of the OSS cum CIA).

      Small wonder that an unscrupulous terrorist organization like Hezbollah has found a foothold there. If this is just a front for Iranian interests, then crashing Iran’s already tottering economy (musty 707 air freighters? Puhlease!) becomes all that more important.

      As an aside, it’s odd to think that newcomer Trump’s indelicate squeezing of so many pressure points may end up causing global chaos. Far less strange is how rogue regimes like Communist China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba all exhibit a collective economic fragility that only hyper-corruption can explain.

      Speaking of chaos, it’s unamazing how the aims of this Russo-Sino anti-Western syndicate (satellites included)—with it’s longstanding promise of total worldwide collapse—dovetails so perfectly into Islam’s similar pursuit of catastrophic global regression.

      With another tiresome round of psychological projection, all of these same bad actors routinely blame their tirelessly sought after destabilization upon johhny-come-lately Trump. As if his entrance upon the groaning floorboards trod by this decrepit Communist chorus line could possibly be responsible to the advanced state of decay that surrounds us.

      Far less coincidental is how precisely this tumultuous state of affairs confronting us maps onto the schematic of these hostile forces. While I’d never have won bar bets on it, I’ve always presumed that there was collusion, direct or backchannel, between many of these morally demagnetized régimes.

      Whether it be Cuba’s role as a Caribbean cocaine way-station or Russia snaking its twitching tentacles throughout the region, this constant tug-of-war between Communism and dictatorship exemplifies why so much of South America is Western civilization’s proverbial “sick man” in our Southern Hemisphere (with Mexico a nose-and-nose contender).

      • If you are into military history Griffins (real name William E. Butterworth) Brotherhood of war series is as much fun identifying his fictional characters with the real ones he has renamed. Hint E.Z. Black was I.D. White, Rudy McMillan was Bull Simons. I will let you have fun figuring out the rest, in later books he often refers to the actions in the early books but tells the real name.

        • I forgot to mention that very little in the Brotherhood of War series is fiction, in the 80s when the series started there was a lot of talk among vets about how Butterworth was telling a lot of stories that were not for public consumption because the people were still alive and subject to prosecution.

  4. Border rancher: ‘We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal’
    by Anna Giaritelli
    | January 16, 2019 07:32 AM
    | Updated Jan 16, 2019, 03:51 PM

    LORDSBURG, N.M. — Ranchers and farmers near the U.S.-Mexico border have been finding prayer rugs on their properties in recent months, according to one rancher who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by cartels who move the individuals.

    The mats are pieces of carpet that those of the Muslim faith kneel on as they worship.

    “There’s a lot of people coming in not just from Mexico,” the rancher said. “People, the general public, just don’t get the terrorist threats of that. That’s what’s really scary. You don’t know what’s coming across. We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal. It’s not just Mexican nationals that are coming across.”
    Here’s the truth about Trump, the wall, and the ‘crisis’ at the border
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  5. The remains of 127 dead migrants were recovered in southern Arizona in 2018

    On the weekend before Christmas, a group of volunteers set out to search for the remains of dead migrants on the Barry Goldwater Air Force Range, a remote desert area in southwestern Arizona where military jets from bases in Arizona conduct live bombing exercises.

    The volunteers from the non-profit group Aguilas del Desierto recovered the skeletal remains of eight migrants in two days.

    The San Diego-based group posted pictures of some of the remains it recovered near Ajo on its Facebook page, including a skull, a jaw and a set of leg bones, bleached white by the sun.

    The photos were reminders that high numbers of migrants continue to die annually in southern Arizona after crossing the border illegally, as increased border security over the years has pushed some migrants to take more treacherous treks to avoid being caught by the Border Patrol.

  6. Mexican truckers fight highway robbery with armored semis

    Mexico City (AFP) – The speeding cars pull alongside a semi-truck, box it in and force it to a halt. Then the robbers, firing AK-47s, hijack its cargo and make their getaway.

    It seems like something out of Hollywood, but it is happening on a daily basis on Mexico’s highways.

    And the mounting dangers on the road have fueled a booming new business as the trucking industry seeks to fight back: welcome to the world of armored and bullet-proof tractor trailers.

    Jorge Coronel is one of those trying to stop these highway robberies, which have more than doubled in Mexico since 2015 to more than 30 a day, according to figures from the trucking industry and the government.

    Coronel runs a company that specializes in transporting high-value cargo such as electronics, appliances, pharmaceuticals and luxury clothes.

    • Jorge Coronel is one of those trying to stop these highway robberies…

      Evidently, with truckers now entering the scene, no longer will daily highway robbery be the exclusive privilege of gringo turistas.

      Mexico is a prime example of how lawlessness and corruption can cripple an entire nation. The country is this continent’s “sick man” and it’s time to isolate America from Patient Zero.

  7. Taiwan says it won’t bow to pressure amid China tension

    TAIPEI, Jan 17 (Reuters) – Taiwan will not bow to Chinese pressure and called for international support against Beijing’s “out-of-control actions”, a presidential spokesman said on Thursday, after Beijing urged companies to change the way they refer to the self-ruled island.

    “As for China’s related out-of-control actions, we need to remind the international community to face this squarely and to unite efforts to reduce and contain these actions,” Alex Huang, the spokesman for President Tsai Ing-wen, told reporters in Taipei.

    Companies including Apple and Amazon have “wrongly labelled” Taiwan and should take immediate actions to correct it, the state-run Legal Daily reported on Wednesday, citing a report released by Chinese government think tanks.

    Beijing has stepped up pressure on Taiwan since Tsai, from the pro-independence ruling party, took office in 2016. That has included rising Chinese scrutiny over how companies from airlines, such as Air Canada, to retailers, such as Gap , refer to the democratic island in recent months. (Reporting By Yimou Lee and Jess Macy Yu Editing by Paul Tait)

    • Companies including Apple and Amazon have “wrongly labelled” Taiwan and should take immediate actions to correct it … Legal Daily reported on Wednesday, citing … government think tanks.

      And a pony!

  8. Trump should accept Pelosi’s SOTU rejection and just deliver it his way
    By J.E. Dyer January 16, 2019

    On Wednesday, news broke that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told President Trump she wants to delay his State of the Union speech until after the partial government shutdown is over.

    The speech is currently scheduled for 29 January. Pelosi couched her proposal in terms of “security” concerns, although the Capitol Police and the Secret Service are fully funded and on the job during the shutdown.

    LU noted in our headline that it’s pretty clear Pelosi doesn’t want the president to have a high-viewership opportunity to address the American people.

    But she can’t actually prevent him from doing so. She can only prevent him from doing it in the House chamber on Capitol Hill.

    • Read this one, please read it. She does an excellent job and makes some good suggestions on how to deliver the State of the Union Speach so that it gets to the most people and lays out our side of the issue. At the end she points out how in the first half of the 1860s were weren’t a unified nation and no one cared what the other side thought, by implication she is pointing out we are in a (so far) non violent civil war and we have to fight if we want freedom to survive in the United States.

      • There IS a downside to Trump’s not delivering SOTU from floor of House
        By Howard Portnoy January 17, 2019

        Yesterday, J.E. Dyer penned a thoughtful piece titled “Trump should accept Pelosi’s SOTU rejection and just deliver it his way.” In it, she wrote:

        It’s hard to see a downside to this approach. Our government is not unified and in mutual back-slapping mode at the moment.

        A number of commentators on the Right have adopted a similar posture, arguing its high time the address reverted to a simpler form, which appears to be what the founders had in mind.

        Up until the time of Woodrow Wilson, who was the first president to deliver the State of the Union as a live speech, the address was presented to Congress in the form of a paper document. It was reprinted in newspapers for Americans interested in reading it.

    • Pelosi only gives Trump a bigger audience by canceling State of the Union t would be an excellent way to snub any other president, but by calling for President Trump to reschedule the State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi has only given him a bigger stage.

      It is a remarkable unforced error.

      Citing national security, and specifically the difficulties facing the Secret Service and Capitol Police amid the government shutdown, House Speaker Pelosi, D-Calif., is asking Trump either to select a later, post-shutdown date or to submit his comments on State of the Union in writing, which presidents used to do commonly before the television era. But no one should be fooled — the real concern here is that Trump is going to stand up in front of a gigantic audience and literally point the finger at congressional Democrats in the House chamber, blaming them for shutting down the government.
      30 Democrats in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown
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  9. Car full of teens crashed into truck, then opened fire on passenger
    MLive January 16, 2019

    [Ed. – Something tells us that stricter gun control laws would not have prevented this crime.]

    Car full of teens crashed into his truck, then opened fire on him, man testifies in Saginaw courtroom

    SAGINAW, MI – A man testified in a Saginaw courtroom Thursday that as he drove to work early one morning on Saginaw’s West Side, he collided with a car that had run a red light. When the car took off, the man said he pursued it, only to be fired upon by one of the car’s passengers.

    Prosecutors have now charged one person who recently turned 16 with four criminal charges in connection with the hit-and-run-turned shooting. The man prosecutors believe pulled the trigger, though, remains at large.

    Rayshon J. Macon is charged in Saginaw County District Court with two counts of felony firearm and single counts of assault with intent to murder and discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle.

    The morning of Thursday, Jan. 10, Macon appeared for a preliminary examination before Saginaw County District Judge Terry L. Clark. The hearing began with Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Shellbe A. Sanborn calling Nathan Bourbina to the witness stand.

  10. YouTube Simply Silencing Opinions That Are Not Left-Wing – Britain First Leader (sputniknews, Jan 17, 2019)

    “YouTube has recently removed a Britain First political advert over the organization’s alleged violation of the platform’s policies. Speaking to Sputnik, the group’s leader Paul Golding and British political commentator Nick Griffin shared their views on the video-sharing website’s decision, denouncing it as political censorship and discrimination.

    “Britain First is at present suing Facebook in Belfast for political discrimination. Once that case is resolved in February, we will launch proceedings against YouTube for their politically motivated censorship,” Britain First leader Paul Golding told Sputnik.

    On 16 January, YouTube banned an advert posted by the right-wing political organization due to its alleged promotion of hatred, intolerance and discrimination.

    The five minute-long video was removed following an inquiry launched by The Guardian, a British left-leaning daily newspaper.

    The media outlet wrote that apart from featuring the organization’s logo and a link to Britain First’s YouTube channel, the video showed “Paul Golding, and a number of supporters confronting volunteers at a Muslim outreach stall in Nuneaton in November 2018”.

    “YouTube is simply silencing political opinions that are not left-wing or politically correct”, Golding said, commenting on the issue. “Every time these left-wing liberals see content that they don’t like, they delete it and give the usual excuses: Hate, intolerance, racism, discrimination and so on. But hate speech is simply free speech that the Political Left does not like. This is political bias and censorship at its worst.”

    According to the group’s leader, the video-sharing website “viewed the proposed advert and approved it before it appeared on their network”.
    In addition to rescinding the approval to the Britain First advert, the media platform has also banned the viewing of over 250 others on the right-wing organization’s official YouTube channel.

    “Why approve an advert and then change your mind?” Golding asked. “This is naked political censorship. Britain First has millions of supporters around the world and they deserve to see our legal content.”

    YouTube has yet to respond to Sputnik’s request on the matter.

    Citing the YouTube move, political commentator Nick Griffin, who also represented North West England as a member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 2009 to 2014, lambasted “liberal Big Tech” for “sweeping repression and censorship”.

    “Frankly, some of Britain First’s activities and publicity are somewhat crude and simplistic; for example their inability to distinguish between Sunni and Shia,” Griffin said. “But that does not justify the sweeping repression and censorship to which Britain First is subjected by the British state and by liberal Big Tech. And, of course, confronting an Islamic outreach stall is absolutely within the proper boundaries of free speech and political/religious action. To deny them that right is certainly discrimination”.

    According to the political commentator, the level of censorship on YouTube is rising rapidly. However, “it has not yet reached the insanely totalitarian level of Facebook or of vital online business and campaign tools such as Paypal, Stripe and Patreon” he remarked, while contending that the video-sharing platform is “catching up fast”.
    Griffin referred to US President Donald Trump’s August tweets about “Big Tech censorship of ‘the right'”, bemoaning the fact that the president “has still done absolutely nothing to stop it”.

    The commentator believes that “this is not just terribly wrong, it is also suicidal, because his entire base is being censored and defunded, and a major reason for this is that the US liberal elite and the Deep State are working relentlessly to destroy any possibility of effective popular resistance when they move to impeach and destroy Trump, just as their counterparts in Britain are doing in order to override and reverse Brexit”.

    Griffin opined that “the fact that YouTube posted the video and then removed it shows that they are responding to external pressure”.

    He insisted that “the latest attack on Britain First is just a small part of the overall liberal elite campaign to silence every last dissident voice online” prompted by the Brexit vote and, earlier, Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election.
    As a result, they kicked off a “co-ordinated effort to re-establish the controlled mainstream media monopoly on creating news and influencing public opinion”, Griffin said.

    According to the political commentator, there is nothing unusual about this in Britain and the entire Western world today: “Patriots, anti-globalists, conservative voices, anti-LGBT campaigners, pro-Russians and traditional Christians are all facing an endless wave of repression, censorship and deplatforming attacks”.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speakers do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.”

  11. Outrage as Swedish TV Cuts Word ‘Islam’ From Saudi Refugee Girl Story (sputniknews, Jan 17, 2019)

    “The story of Rahaf Mohammed, an 18-year-old Saudi girl who has become an international media darling for her flight to the West from “persecution”, aired by Swedish national broadcaster SVT has made Swedes see red.

    In their piece on Rahaf Mohammad, the Saudi refugee girl who claimed to have suffered “abuse” back home due to her non-conformist behaviour, SVT omitted the reference to Islam, triggering many Swedes’ ire.

    In the interview aired by SVT Aktuellt, Rahaf Mohammed said that she was kept locked up for six months after getting a short haircut and suffered abuse from her brother and her mother. The reason for it, she claimed, is that short haircuts for women are forbidden in Islam, because it makes women look like men.

    However, SVT’s translation left out the Islam reference completely, with words “Islam” and “haram” (“forbidden” in Arabic) conspicuously absent from the subtitles, despite clearly being uttered by the teen.

    This mismatch was first observed by Sweden Democrat politician Kent Ekeroth, who compared the Swedish translation with the original English subtitles and summed up his findings in a piece in the news outlet Samhällsnytt, raising suspicions about state-sponsored censorship.

    Ekeroth’s revelations made his compatriots spew bile at SVT’s coverage and vent their outrage over the obligatory “TV tax” all Swedes have had to pay since New Year, regardless of whether they own a TV or not.

    “A strong start”, Ekeroth himself smirked on Twitter.

    “It’s like doing away with the word ‘Nazism’ in a report about World War II survivors! Or ‘communism’ in a report about the Soviet Union”, user Mikael Nilsson reacted.

    Blogger Hanna Lindholm, who identifies as “right-wing feminist”, suggested that SVT has “gone nuclear” since their funding was guaranteed by the tax.

    Some compared SVT’s “angled” coverage with that of the Communist era. To expand on this reference, one user posted an “updated” SVT logo with a hammer and sickle and corrupted Cyrillic letters, whereas another user mockingly spelled out SVT (originally “Sveriges Television”) as “Stasi Vision TV”.

    Others ventured that SVT’s handling of the news content in accordance with its so-called “value base” was tantamount to “fake news”. Yet another recurrent theme in the comments was that Sweden had allegedly “caved in” for Islam.

    Rahaf Mohammed was offered asylum in Canada after a week’s limbo in Bangkok, which she spent barricaded in a hotel room. As a token of an irrevocable breakaway from her family, she renounced her surname, al-Qulun, and quit Islam. Since then, she reports that she’s received threats on the Internet.

    SVT is the Swedish national public television broadcaster; it is funded by a public service tax on personal income and largely modelled after the BBC.”

  12. Turkish Comms Chief: Dutch Journalist Deported From Turkey Has Links to al-Nusra (sputniknews, jan 17, 2019)

    “Ans Boersma, a journalist working for the largest Dutch financial newspaper, was expelled from Turkey earlier in the day.

    The Turkish authorities on Thursday deported a Dutch correspondent of a major financial newspaper over suspected links to Jabhat al-Nusra* terrorist organization (banned in Russia), based on intelligence received from the Netherlands, Fahrettin Altun, the communications director for the Turkish presidency said.

    “The Netherlands told Turkey that the reporter, who was deported today, had links to Jabhat al-Nusra. We acted on intelligence from the Netherlands and took a precautionary measure,” Altun said on Twitter.

    The communications director added that it was up to the Dutch authorities to explain the reasons for their suspicions.

    “If a credible foreign gov’t agency tells you that one of their citizens has links to terrorism, you don’t take any chances. The Dutch authorities alone are in a position to explain why they arrived at that conclusion. We won’t speculate on the credibility of their intelligence,” Altun said.

    As Turkish officials explained, Boersma’s deportation was not linked to her work as a journalist. Last week, the Turkish government reportedly extended the Dutch journalist’s accreditation for 2019.

    According to the FT, Het Financieele Dagblad editor Jan Bonjer wrote on the Dutch newspaper’s website that he was “deeply shocked” by the incident, calling the deportation a “flagrant violation of press freedom.”…”

  13. Canadian Kidnapped in Burkina Faso Found Dead – Security Ministry (sputniknews, jan 17, 2019)

    “Kirk Woodman, a Canadian citizen, was kidnapped by suspected extremists on a mining site in northern Burkina Faso, near the Malian border.

    According to the security ministry, a Canadian citizen that was kidnapped in northern Burkina Faso, near the Malian border, has been found dead.

    Earlier, Security Minister Clement Sawadogo said that the kidnapped person was working for the Progress Minerals mining company.

    Reacting to the announcement, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the country was appalled and deeply saddened by the murder of one its citizens in Burkina Faso.

    “Canada condemns those responsible for this terrible crime. We are working with the government of Burkina Faso and other international partners to pursue those responsible and bring them to justice,” Freeland added…”

  14. FGM Trial: African Couple Cast Black Magic Spells on Police, Doctors, Court Hears (breitbart, Jan 17, 20109)

    “Cows’ tongues bound in wire with nails and used in a black magic spell to “silence the police and the doctors” were found in the freezer of a Ugandan woman accused of committing female genital mutilation against her three-year-old daughter, the Old Bailey has heard.

    The 37-year-old woman and the Ghanaian man, 43, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are on trial accused of mutilating their daughter and for failing to protect her from FGM on August 28th, 2017.

    The BBC reports that the mother had an interest in witchcraft and that when police searched her east London home, they found the animal parts prepared in a ritualistic manner.

    According to WhatsApp messages between the mother and father the day after the alleged mutilation, these items may have been used as part of a spell to silence those involved in the investigation, the prosecution alleges.

    Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC told the jury: “Two cow tongues were bound in wire with nails and a small blunt knife also embedded in them, 40 limes were found and other fruit which when opened contained pieces of paper with names on them.

    “The names embedded included both police officers involved in the investigation of the case, the social worker, her own son, and the then director of public prosecutions.”

    “These people were to ‘shut up’ and ‘freeze their mouths.’ There was a jar with a picture of a social worker in pepper found hidden behind the toilet in the bathroom. Another spell was hidden under the bed,” Ms Carberry said.

    The Ugandan woman told police that her daughter had cut her genitals falling after trying to reach for a biscuit, descending from a countertop and straddling a cupboard door whilst not wearing any underwear.

    The couple are also alleged to have told the daughter to tell authorities that she had fallen, as the parents described. But the court heard that the now five-year-old girl had confided in her foster parents and police that her mother and her father, who lives nearby, held her down while a “witch” cut her.

    “This is where I felled. I tried to get a biscuit and I fell over on the metal [sic],” the child told police in her first interview, when shown a picture of the kitchen.

    The court heard she later told her foster carer that the woman she called a witch “cut my privates” and pointed to her genitals.

    “They hold me the lady she cut me. Blood everywhere. I no fall down, they tell me I fall down [sic],” the toddler later told authorities.

    The court heard that the victim had to be taken to Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone and lost a “significant amount of blood” as a result of the injuries.

    A consultant surgeon identified “three separate sites of injury” on her private parts and said that in his opinion, the damage had been inflicted with a scalpel.

    The prosecution said the doctor identified the incisions as Type II FGM, which involves the “mutilation of the clitoris and removal of the labia minora.”

    The African migrants deny all charges. The trial, expected to last three weeks, continues.”

    • BBC Announces ‘Diversity’ Season to ‘Celebrate History of Multicultural Britain’ (breitbart, Jan 17, 2019)

      “BBC Four has announced it will air a number of new shows focused on the “hidden” history of ethnic minorities in Britain next month, as part of a season which will “celebrate British diversity”.

      One of the four titles in the line-up, A Very British History, “is a quest to discover more about the history of communities in multicultural Britain,” according to a BBC press release.

      Broadcasters from different ethnic backgrounds will explore “untold stories… [both] joyful and tragic” relating to people from their own communities, and present accounts of “the harsh reality many… faced when searching for a new life in Britain”.

      Another of its new shows, Windrush: Movement of the People, the BBC will treat viewers to a “contemporary dance piece… which celebrates the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush” as it imported large numbers of Caribbean migrants to the United Kingdom, as well as subsequent waves of mass, third world migration and “the rise of multicultural Britain”.

      “It tells the collective history of the immigrants’ dreams, hopes and pain, while celebrating the complexities of their struggle for identity, equality and belonging,” BBC Four said of the production, which features the Leeds-based Phoenix Dance Theatre.

      The other two programmes unveiled over the weekend were Don McCullin: Looking for England, which will feature the award-winning photojournalist visiting various parts of the country, and Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle, produced by Sir Lenny Henry.

      Focusing on one Afro-Caribbean household, the latter series will “follow the highs and lows of one family from their arrival in England in the 1940s up to the present day as they explore their hopes and desires, challenges and shattered dreams”, according to the press release.

      Editor of the channel Cassian Harrison, who has previously said the BBC should do away with programming which involved “white, middle-aged” male presenters explaining things, commented of the upcoming season: “BBC Four is a unique proposition within British TV and we’re always proud to celebrate voices and stories that are less known and often unheard.

      “This season of programming will take viewers into a whole series of hidden corners of our nation and its story. It’s a treat to be working with both established voices such as Sir Lenny Henry and Don McCullin and introducing a new generation of talent to our screens.”

      Sir Lenny has been increasingly vocal in demanding more ethnic minority representation across the whole of the British media, including calls supported by London mayor Sadiq Khan for diversity-promoting tax breaks and watchdog-backed mandatory quotas, since launching a campaign on the issue in 2014, when he lamented a lack of “strong, black lead roles” in TV and film in the United Kingdom (where black people make up around 3 percent of the population) was forcing actors to look for work in the U.S.

      The comedian-turned-political activist, who in 2016 blasted the “very, very white” BBC as an “oppressive institution” that needed significant change, has slammed the lack of ethnic diversity in the casts of programmes including Midsomer Murders and Broadchurch — both of which are set in almost 100 percent white parts of rural England — as exemplifying broadcasters’ failure to adequately represent “modern Britain”.

      Despite white people comprising around 87 percent of the UK population at the last census, in 2011, Sir Lenny stated in November last year that the Government should take action to encourage broadcasters to reach a figure of 40 percent BAME (black and ethnic minority) staff “behind and in front of camera”.

      “It’s not enough to have more people in EastEnders and more people doing the weather. It’s not enough,” insisted the actor, who has most recently turned his fire on British period dramas, calling it “the epitome of madness” programme-makers were failing to routinely feature “black Tudors, black Georgians”, Chinese tradesmen, and black Roman soldiers in depictions of British history.

      The British media must be made “fully diverse”, he told Parliament in 2017, alleging the issue was “a fight about who, and who isn’t, considered British, a fight about whose voices do and do not matter”.

      He claimed that a supposed lack of ethnic minority representation in broadcasting had fueled a rise in “racist attacks” as well as “self-reinforcing extreme world views”, for which he pointed to Brexit and U.S. President Donald Trump as examples.”

    • “The names embedded included both police officers involved in the investigation of the case, the social worker, her own son, and the then director of public prosecutions.”

      “These people were to ‘shut up’ and ‘freeze their mouths.’ There was a jar with a picture of a social worker in pepper found hidden behind the toilet in the bathroom. Another spell was hidden under the bed,” Ms Carberry said.

      Someone ought pop round and remind Ms. Carberry that it’s bad luck to be superstitious.

      The Ugandan woman told police that her daughter had cut her genitals falling after trying to reach for a biscuit, descending from a countertop and straddling a cupboard door whilst not wearing any underwear.

      Dead nuts simple forensic analysis. Such an uncontrolled descent by the child should have caused bruising to the region of impact. Cursory medical examination by a registered nurse or doctor would provide this evidence instantly. Without that companion injury, the sworn explanatory courtroom testimony given about this poor child “falling” constitutes perjury.

      A consultant surgeon identified “three separate sites of injury” on her private parts and said that in his opinion, the damage had been inflicted with a scalpel.

      The kid got off easy! [/sarc] Repulsively, in many parts of the world, freshly broken glass—whose molecule-thick edge is one of the sharpest known—continues to be the favored instrument of assault.

      CODA: With odds in such favor of Ms. Carberry et maritus being pious Muslims, there emerges the all-too predictable possibility of a resonance with Islam’s tacit promotion of male homosexuality (e.g., bacha bazi).

      Ordinary people would likely have difficulty comprehending how rampant pedophilia (e.g., child marriage, pederasty) and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) end up mirroring each other. These horrors have the ability to engender limitless resentment or even hatred by children towards their parents.

      What shorter fuse to set off a bomb vest than feelings of intense hostility that torment the innermost core of an abused child’s soul? Sudden group acceptance easily supersedes dubious parental affections at home. This fulfilling sense of inclusion (in jihad) only heightens pre-existing feelings of being unloved. In this way—at an intimately spiritual level—Muslim fellowship simultaneously reiterates and fulfills jahiliyyah’s affirming myth of Islam always supplanting ignorant confusion.

      Now, what hotter match to light off that diminutive detcord than one ignited by Islam’s abrasive, hidebound ideology? Is there a more perpetually injurious creed that canonically sanctifies and rationalizes utterly depraved barbarity.

      Generation after generation of psychologically or physically maimed children (often both), advance into roles that divert their antipathy and vent it against doctrinal enemies, specific people, or hated symbolic objects (e.g., Western Wall, Bamiyan Buddhas, Twin Towers).

      This vitriol is transmitted through the mother’s milk and twisted even further by childhood FGM or pedophilia. Exposure to Islam only screws things up further. A few extra quarter-turns of humiliation and depraved indifference will pop any remaining locks on the doorway to hell.

  15. Swedish Police Uncover Hand Grenades, Rifles, Explosives in House Raids (breitbart, Jan 17, 2019)

    “Swedish police have discovered one of the largest caches of weapons in recent years following a raid on a number of homes in a borough of the city of Gothenburg linked to gang crime.

    Officials say that they recovered a number of weapons in the raids including automatic rifles, hand grenades, and explosives which they believe to all be linked to organised crime, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

    The raids came after a routine traffic stop in which a man described to be in his 20s was discovered to be in possession of an automatic rifle in his vehicle. The man was previously known to be associated with criminal gangs in the city, police said…”

  16. EU Wails Austria’s Exit from UN Migrant Pact Aligned Bloc with Trump, ‘Damaged Us All’ (breitbart, Jan 17, 2019)

    “Austria’s decision to leave the UN Migration Compact while holding the European Union’s rotating presidency brought “shame” on the bloc by aligning it with U.S. President Donald Trump, EU forces have angrily proclaimed.

    At a debate with Sebastian Kurz in Strasbourg on Tuesday, critics including the European Commission president lined up to slam the Austrian Chancellor’s withdrawal from the agreement, which declares mass migration to be “inevitable, necessary, and desirable”, as the low point of the country’s six-month stint in charge of the presidency.

    Jean-Claude Juncker, who has previously claimed the so-called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration would somehow reduce illegal immigrant flows, said Austria’s refusal to sign was the only stain on an otherwise “really impressive” presidency, denouncing Kurz for sending out “negative signals” about the document.

    “Progressive forces” in the EU Parliament were much more angry about Austria’s presidency, however, according to Euractiv and the BBC, which reported left-wingers were also furious over Kurz rejecting calls to push forward with creating a Common European Asylum Policy to spread illegal aliens across the bloc.

    “Why did you shame the European Union in that way by refusing to sign this text?” complained Syriza MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis, describing the contents of the controversial agreement — which has been said to make crossing borders to access another nations’ healthcare, welfare, and more a human right, along with expanding “hate speech” to include critique of mass immigration — as “very moderate”.

    European Greens co-leader and migration spokesman Franziska Keller, who will be leading the parliamentary grouping in May’s elections, hit out at Kurz for “embarrassing” the continent, denouncing the Chancellor’s caution over the UN agreement as having “damaged us all” in placing Austria “in the same corner with Trump and [Hungarian prime minister Viktor] Orbán”.

    Austria was among several EU nations including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Romania, and Slovakia which chose to withdraw from the compact before it was ratified in Marrakesh last month.”

  17. Strong explosion, fire hits French university building (abcnews, Jan 17, 2019)

    “A strong explosion and fire hit a science building undergoing repairs at the University of Lyon on Thursday, injuring three people slightly, French officials said.

    The area was evacuated after the explosion on the roof of the building Thursday morning, and the regional fire service said the blaze was under control soon afterward.

    Images posted on social networks showed huge plumes of black smoke and flickering flames rising above the campus in the Lyon suburb of Villeurbanne. The university said multiple explosions were heard and that they were “caused by renovation work.” The town of Villeurbanne tweeted that the blast was “accidental,” without elaborating.

    Both the town and university insisted there were no risks of chemical leaks.

    The explosion hit days after a blast apparently caused by a gas leak hit a Paris bakery, killing four people and injuring dozens.”

  18. Militants kidnap Christian man in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula (abcnews, Jan 17, 2019)

    “Islamic militants on Thursday kidnapped a Christian man traveling in a communal taxi in the turbulent north of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, according to security officials, an incident that raises the specter of renewed attacks on minority Christians in the region after a two-year lull.

    The officials did not identify the man, but said police pursued the kidnappers into the desert to which they fled after the incident, killing one of them and wounding two others in a firefight, but could not free the hostage. Two policemen were also wounded in the firefight, said the officials.

    There was no word on whether any of the other passengers traveling in the taxi, a minibus, were harmed, suggesting that the kidnapping of the Christian man could have been planned. The attack took place about 30 kilometers (19 miles) west of el-Arish, northern Sinai’s largest city, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media…”

  19. The headlines is misleading, it is Juan who explodes saying that conservative opinion people are running hte White House.

    A Furious Martha MacCallum Explodes On Juan Williams: “Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter…they’re running this government!” [VIDEO]

    video at site

  20. Spain rescues 472 migrants, some on inflatable rafts (abcnews, Jan 17, 2019)

    “Spain’s maritime rescue service says it has saved 472 people who were trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe over the past two days.

    The service says that 17 people, including one woman, were rescued early Thursday from two inflatable rafts like those used at beaches and swimming pools.

    The spokeswoman, who wasn’t authorized to be identified in media reports, said that 455 migrants were rescued Wednesday — 124 in the Strait of Gibraltar, and 331 further east.

    The service says two of the rescued, who were suffering severe hypothermia, had to be evacuated from rescue vessels by helicopters.

    The United Nations estimates that 2,262 migrants died while crossing the Mediterranean in 2018, when 57,000 migrants reached Spanish shores despite unauthorized border crossings into Europe hitting a five-year low.”

  21. euronews – Macron’s former bodyguard Benalla in custody over diplomatic passports row

    French president Emmanuel Macron’s former bodyguard and security adviser, Alexandre Benalla, has been placed in custody as part of an investigation concerning his use of diplomatic passports, said the Paris prosecutor’s office.

  22. Students march throught Paris in education reform protest

    Students are taking to the streets of Paris on Thursday, January 17 to protest against education reforms under the banner ‘National day of action’.

    High schools students are protesting against a recent reform that complicates the selective process for entry into higher education institutions, and implies a significant increase in education fees for foreign students.

  23. Ahmed Hussein-Suale: Ghana journalist shot dead (BBC, Jan 17, 2019)

    “A Ghanaian undercover journalist has been shot dead while driving home, after a politician called for retribution against him.

    Unidentified men on motorbikes shot Ahmed Hussein-Suale three times in the capital Accra, local media reports say.

    He was a member of Tiger Eye Private Investigations and had investigated corruption in Ghana’s football leagues.

    The undercover report on cash gifts led to a lifetime ban for the former head of Ghana’s Football Association.

    BBC Africa Eye made a documentary about the scandal last year after gaining access to the investigation led by journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas, who runs Tiger Eye.

    After the BBC broadcast the football documentary, Ghanaian MP Kennedy Agyapong circulated photos of Mr Hussein-Suale and called for retribution against him.

    In turn, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists called on Mr Agyapong last summer to stop threatening journalists.

    In a press release, Tiger Eye said they were “terribly devastated by the dastardly act”, but were “unshaken” in their pursuit of “nation-wreckers”.

    Mr Hussein-Suale was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck in the suburb of Madina at about 23:00 (23:00 GMT) on Wednesday night, reports say.

    His body has reportedly been taken to the Police Hospital Morgue and will be buried soon.

    The investigative journalist co-operated with the BBC on several stories, including an investigation into human body parts sold for ritual magic in Malawi.

    Violence against the press is rare in Ghana.

    According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, only one other journalist has been killed in Ghana since 1992.

    The International Federation of Journalists says eight journalists were killed across all of Africa in 2017.”

  24. If Only Trump Haters Could Realize How Dangerously Our Democracy Is Being Threatened

    What has gone around will come around ever more destructively.

    Politics is cyclical. Republicans will not always hold the White House. Democrats will be back. If only they realized now the threats to our democracy that presently are being institutionalized. Threats that will endanger them and their future leaders terribly — and all of us.

    When “progressives” had Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt in power, did they ever imagine a Reagan Revolution? During Reagan’s fabulously successful conservative presidency, could anyone have imagined a radical-left Wasted Obama Decade? When Obama was at his height, with commanding control of the House and a filibuster-proof Senate, could anyone have predicted fearlessly that America would be in deeply conservative hands by the very next cycle?

    That is how politics is. As T.S. Eliot observed, there are no lost causes because there are no gained causes. It all is cyclical.

    The Public Liar Harry Reid believed that, with the Democrats in power and Obama filling court vacancies, the time had come to end the Senate’s filibuster rule for approving federal judges. And so he did. But cycles come and cycles go. Soon enough, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh were being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court with fewer than 60 Senate votes.

    • It is worth reading even though the author does his best to say that everything that is being done against President Trump is the result of a rogue FBI and not something ordered by the Obama people in the White House (probably by Obama), in the Intelligence agencies and in the DOJ. He also does his best to say that all of Obama’s crimes are just fevered dreams of the far right and never occurred.

      Having said that he is right in his basic premise, these actions and the Dems condoning and defending them are destroying the Republic. We have had close to 250 years of the peaceful exchange of power between the various political parties with differing ideas about how the nation is to be governed and the direction our society is suppose to move. All of this tradition is being destroyed by the Dems and their actions, combined with their efforts to destroy all of their political enemies and the families of their political enemies. The far radical left around the world is out to destroy Western Civilization (and succeeding in their effort) with its rule of law and individual rights. They want to replace this with a neo feudal system of group rights with the leftist leaders on top and the rest of us as serfs who are bound to the soil and the jobs of our ancestors. This war of survival will last a long time and there will be sessions of bloody conflict between the differing political and economic philosophies. These bloody sessions will be seperated by times when both sides rest, regroup and rearm, these periods won’t be peaceful just less bloody.

  25. ‘Champagne terrorists’: Salvini urges France to extradite Italian terror suspects

    Stop harbouring fugitives’ – the message from Italy’s interior minister

  26. The Deep State Digs Deeper

    Will a failure to prosecute seal the fate of the U.S. as a banana republic?

    As we approach Martin Luther King Day, it seems timely to reflect on King’s statement from a Birmingham jail in 1963 that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Arguably, the greatest injustice and worst crime against the democratic republic of the United States is for an elite cadre to engineer and attempt to carry out a coup that subverts the government elected by the people.

    But that injustice has just happened! A crime that makes Watergate look like Romper Room has been carried out by public figures, whose names we all recognize, but who are also part of the “Deep State.”

    Some in the Deep State work openly, such as those in permanent bureaucracies of Washington, D.C., while others — notably political appointees — typically operate behind the scenes. Probably most Deep State players believe they are part of a positive vanguard rather than a shadowy conspiracy. Being generally progressive and collectivist in their orientation, Deep State players generally know what to think, say, and do without being under control or receiving any directives.

    Elements of a Deep State have been around for many decades — even dating back to the early Progressive era with roots prior to the Woodrow Wilson presidency. But machinations of the Deep State became overt and obvious during the Obama Administration, much like what happened during FDR’s tenure, when numerous federal government agencies were riddled with Americans who had become agents or agents of influence for the Soviet Union.

    Richard: I haven’t read all of the article but the answer to the question ask is yes, failure to prosecute will seal the fate of the US into a Banana Republic. Failure to prosecute the higher ups involved in the coup against a duly elected President will destroy the rule of law and insure that there will be other coups, some of them bloody in the future. Prosecuting the higher ups will touch off a violent civil war but failure to prosecute will ensure the destruction of the US as a free nation. In wake iof the collapse of the US as a Free Nation there will be civil wars that will make all of our previous wars look like pillow fights.

  27. “WATCH: Pelosi Says Insistence on Border Wall ‘Luxury The Country Can No Longer Afford’” by Peter D’Abrosca – January 17, 2019

    “Yes! Trump has constitutional authority to secure our Southern Border”
    By Publius Huldah – January 15, 2019

  28. Jihadi Defence Lawyer Arrested for Financing Terrorism (breitbart, Jan 17, 2019)

    “A French lawyer, well-known for taking on cases in which he defended radical jihadists, has been arrested by French security services after being accused of helping to finance terrorist activity.

    Paris lawyer Bruno Vinay was arrested on Tuesday by members of the Directorate-General of Internal Security (DGSI), France’s domestic intelligence agency, following the terror financing allegations, BFMTV reports.

    Sources close to the investigation told French newspaper Le Parisien that Vinay was suspected of sending around 20,000 euros to an intermediary who passed the sum on to jihadists in the Middle East, which was likely intended to help release Islamic radical Maximilien Thibaut and help him get to France from Iraq.

    Thibaut joined Islamic State in 2015 and is married to radical Mélina Boughedir, who was captured by Iraqi forces in 2017, convicted in an Iraqi court last year of terrorist offences, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Authorities have largely considered Thibaut, 33, to be missing.

    Over the years, Vinay has defended several high-profile jihadists including Emilie König, who was captured in Northern Syria by Kurdish forces and was suspected of recruiting nearly two hundred women to join Islamic State after she had joined the terror group in 2012.

    In September 2015, König became the first woman to be listed on the United States’s international terror blacklist.

    Vinay also represented Franco-Algerian Kamel Daoudi, who was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison in 2005 for plotting to attack the U.S. embassy in Paris. Daoudi was also stripped of his French citizenship following his conviction.

    The arrest comes after French authorities identified 416 individuals last year whom they believed to have been engaged in helping to fund terrorist activities. Intelligence services have said that the Islamic State terror organisation could be sitting on as much as three billion euros in total funds.”

  29. the gateway pundit- Trump Sends Letter to Nancy Pelosi Informing Her That Her Upcoming Travel Plans Are Postponed Due to Shutdown

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has posted a letter that President Donald Trump sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informing her that her upcoming “public relations” trip to Afghanistan, Egypt, and Brussels has been postponed so that she can stay in DC and negotiate with him.

    The letter adds that she is welcome to still take the trip — but she would have to fly commercial on her own dime.


  30. Suspect identified in Bogota car bomb attack: prosecutor

    Colombia’s attorney general announces that authorities have fully identified the man who detonated a car with 80 kilos of explosive at a police academy in Bogota, causing nine deaths and 54 injuries.

    [ José-Aldemar Rojas-Rodriguez ]

  31. More on the dutch journalist Ans Boersma, who was deportred from Turkey. The reason was fraud. Until summer ’15, she had a relationship with a Syrian refugee who is an ex-member of Jabhat al Nusra, and she arranged forged documents for him.
    Her CV is no surprise, perfect victim:

    -studied anthropology at the FreeUniversity of Amsterdam
    -writer for OneWorld, multiculture/open borders org
    -spokesperson for Stichting Bootvluchteling (Foundation boat refugee)
    -welcomer for refugees on Greek island Lesbos

  32. James Baker, former FBI general counsel, subject of criminal leak probe
    GOPUSA StaffWashington Times Posted On 11:25 am January 17, 2019

    James Baker, the FBI’s top lawyer during the 2016 U.S. presidential race, is the subject of a criminal investigation for allegedly leaking to the media, House Republicans revealed.

    Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina disclosed the probe’s existence Tuesday in a letter seeking further details from the Department of Justice.

    “We are writing to request additional information about your ongoing criminal investigation of James Baker,” the congressmen wrote to John Durham, the U.S attorney for Connecticut.

    Daniel Levin, a lawyer for Mr. Baker, the FBI’s former general counsel, mentioned the leak probe to lawmakers when his client testified on Capitol Hill last fall before members of Congress investigating the Justice Department’s conduct during the 2016 race, according to a transcript of the interview cited in the letter.

    “I’m sorry, I’m goin

  33. EXCLUSIVE: In Closed-Door Testimony, Papadopoulos Identified Alleged Spy in Trump Campaign
    Former Trump campaign adviser also told lawmakers FBI asked him to wear a wire to record Maltese professor in London

    George Papadopoulos, the former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, revealed during a closed-door interview with congressional lawmakers in Washington the name of the man he believes was a spy working within the campaign, according to a transcript of the testimony reviewed by The Epoch Times.

    During a day-long session with lawmakers on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees on Oct. 25, 2018, Papadopoulos, under penalty of perjury, detailed a series of what he described as “strange” interactions with a member of the Trump campaign. The timing and content of that person’s communications led Papadopoulos to suspect that the person was covertly working on behalf of U.S. intelligence.

    Papadopoulos previously hinted in public statements and interviews that he knew of a spy in the Trump campaign, but never revealed the person’s name. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson also has said the FBI had a “human source” inside the campaign.

  34. Strasbourg: Capital of the EU and “The Future of Europe”

    by Giulio Meotti
    January 17, 2019 at 6:00 am

    “New York, Geneva and Strasbourg are the only cities in the world which are home to international institutions without being national capitals”, an official page of the French city proudly proclaims. “The choice of Strasbourg as the European capital following the Second World War is no accident. The city stands as a shining symbol of reconciliation between peoples and of the future of Europe”.

    Last December, however, Strasbourg was shocked by a new terrorist attack. Cherif Chekatt, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, murdered five people, before being neutralized in a two-day manhunt. Among Chekatt’s victims were Italian, Polish and French citizens. Unfortunately, Strasbourg has become one of Europe’s hotbeds of jihadism, an ideology seemingly aimed at destroying Europe’s people, not conciliating with them.

    The weekly Valeurs Actuelles called Strasbourg a “French bastion of jihadism”. Seven men from Strasbourg, who went to Syria between December 2013 and April 2014, have already been sentenced to prison terms ranging from six to nine years. The heaviest sentence was handed to Karim Mohamed-Aggad, the brother of the Bataclan Theater suicide bomber Foued Mohamed-Aggad. The weekly L’Obs called Strasbourg “land of jihad”.

  35. New Delhi Must Uphold “Zero Tolerance” for Terrorism

    by Jagdish N. Singh
    January 17, 2019 at 4:00 am

    When the Narendra Modi-led government came to power in India with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in May 2014, the public hoped that a peaceful resolution would be reached over the strife-torn northern state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

    A key element of the BJP’s platform had been a policy of “zero tolerance towards terrorism.” Yet, since Modi’s election, the situation in J&K — which has been the focus of a long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan, with minority Hindus fleeing Islamist violence in 1990 — has worsened. No Hindu has returned to the Kashmir Valley during Modi’s premiership, and the number of Indian civilians and security personnel killed in attacks by Pakistani militants has increased. In fact, during the four-year period between 2014 and 2018, 75 more Indian soldiers and other security personnel were killed in J&K than during the previous five years (219, compared to 144).

    Disturbingly, New Delhi’s response to these assaults seems to be appeasement — reaching out to separatist leaders in India and to the Taliban in Pakistan.

    Emerging from a meeting in September 2018 of the Central Zonal Council in Lucknow, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters:

  36. CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney REFUSES to Charge Dealer with 1,000 Opiate Pills and $30K in Cash – Shows Officers the Door

    Far left billionaire George Soros has been systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the United States. Several of his candidates have already won. His goal is to create havoc in communities.
    In St. Louis City far left lunatic Kim Gardner took money from Soros in her race for St. Louis Circuit Attorney.
    Soros funded PAC even released an ad in support of this far left and unqualified nutcase.

    Richard: Don’t get me started on the rumors about the St. Louis police and prosecutors.

  37. Algeria: Arab-Amazigh Dispute over Using Arabic Alphabet for Berber Languages (aawsat, Jan 17, 2019)

    “Algeria’s Supreme Islamic Council, considered the country’s highest state-run religious authority, triggered nationwide controversy over its bid to inscribe the Berber languages in Arabic letters.

    Amazigh tribes, which pushed for their languages’ recognition as official, voiced their strong objection to their dialects being written in Arabic letters, saying they wish for Latin inscriptions to substitute the original Tifinagh letters.

    Earlier this week, Council Chairman Bouabdellah Ghlamallah, in a speech given in the predominantly Amazigh Tizi Ouzou Province, stressed the need to revive and develop the Berber languages by writing it in Arabic, which he cited as a “source for pride”.

    Fighting back against the demand for Latin alphabets taking over the Berber languages, Ghlamallah blasted the Amazigh tribes for not placing their languages’ best interest at heart, saying the only way forward for the language is through the adoption of Arabic alphabets.

    Ghlamallah, nevertheless, reaffirmed that the final decision will be made by the Algerian Academy of Amazigh Language, according to the constitutional amendment ratified on February 7, 2016.

    Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika ordering the establishment and empowerment of the Academy and the adoption of the Amazigh New Year as a national and official holiday in early 2018 was seen in two different lights, one of which triumphs the longstanding struggle of Amazigh tribes gaining recognition as an essential part of the Algerian culture, and another that views it as a political move by the president to rally support for a fifth term.

    A sharp dispute, often ideological, has long stoked differences between Berbers, the aboriginal inhabitants of t North Africa, who persistently fought for teaching Amazigh throughout the country’s educational system, and Arab Algerians who insist on the prevalence of Arabic as the sole official language used in government affairs.

    Some Berbers are actively involved in separatist movements calling for the independence of the tribal region.

    Despite the Algerian political echelon promoting Arabic, it fails to act upon its preaching as most government departments and companies are adopting French.”

  38. Saudi Arabia to hire domestic help from Kenya (saudigazette, Jan 17, 2019)

    “The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and Kenya’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection have signed the final minutes for starting recruitment of domestic workers from Nairobi.

    This was part of the bilateral agreement signed between the two countries in an effort to open new channels to meet the Kingdom’s growing demand for skilled and trained domestic workers…”

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