Katie in Finland, and Tucker Carlson looks at the Google lies and manipulations: Links 2, Jan. 16, 2019

1. About that Gillette add. No, it wasn’t a clever trick for attention like some of us thought, the way New Coke was. It was a determined feminist out to use her position to destroy men.

2. Katie Hopkins with Finns Party Spokesperson on muslim child-sex-slave gangs

Katie with Finnish non-communist activists:

3. Brad Johnson and I discuss BREXIT related events over the past few days.

4. Tucker Carlson on Google’s lies, deceptions and manipulations:

H/T M., Wrath of Khan, Richard and all who sent in so much devastatingly important material. Please do not just inform yourself with some of today’s links and articles. Inform others. This Google revelation is a really, r really large story. We here at VTB have discussed matt Cutts, the primo Google search engine manipulator who worked for the Obama White House before, but now we have material we can take to court. And hopefully that is where it goes.


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16 Replies to “Katie in Finland, and Tucker Carlson looks at the Google lies and manipulations: Links 2, Jan. 16, 2019”

    • 1. From the comments:

      Lemmiwinks: “Here is a new P.C. term just for the evil Demoncrat party: let’s just start calling rape “undocumented” consent so as not to offend any rapists (ooops can’t say “rapist” either, too offensive)… I mean “erotic transgressor”. There I fixed that.”

    • At some point it may be worth the time to publish a tree of companies connected directly to them. Who owns Gillette? Are they a subsidiary of some other company like the lying manipulative Google is of Alphabet? And does Gillette own some other companies itself?

      Gillette must get a natural response to this advert. Even if Trudeau, Soros and others make up the corporate losses, which I think happens in some cases like with Ottawa’s CFRA, the only conservative talk radio in Canada’s Capitol city and 4 blocks from Parliament hill when it suddenly and mysteriously fired all its most popular hosts including a Pentecostal minister who had the most popular show for that time slot, if memory serves, in all of Ontario, and suddenly took a hard left turn.

      For Soros or the Saudis to make up the lost ad revenue would be nothing at all. And a great return on investment so long as conservatives continue to listen, seeing as its their only choice.

      • Gillette is a brand of men’s and women’s safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble

      • Regardless of which multinational owns it (Proctor and Gamble) “Gillette” is an extremely valuable and venerable brand name because they really are the fathers of modern shaving. They’re like “Sunkist” or “Kraft” cheese slices. But there are lots of competitors and no room for complacency on Proctor and Gamble’s part. (I wonder how they feel about it?). If the “Gillette” brand takes a hit at this time it doesn’t matter who owns it. A hit is a hit…

        I found the add to be seriously insulting and will not buy anything called “Gillette” for as long as I live. There’s one tiny hit…

  1. Didn’t Peterson say it takes a conservative to build a company but the rich leftists are the most creative? The problem then becomes the Lefty you’ve asked for advertising help just can’t help but to push her wackjob agenda. So why did the CEO of Gillette or Proctor allow this? Well either they weren’t paying attention, or they are demoralized. (Just for the record we must state here and now that to argue that the “morals” of the left are valid but different is simply more leftist moral relativism bullshit so we can nip that in the bud.)

    A CEO who has the brains, brawn and instincts to fight their way up the corporate ladder is suddenly stunted where the rubber meets the road on right and wrong?

    I believe it. Here we are shown proof. Gillette, Proctor and Gamble and Google all serve ideological grenades to their marketplaces. Why? –Demoralized leadership.

    We need a big business watchdog whose job it is to flag companies pushing the PoMo agenda. –CEO can’t see straight? Been too busy building the company to pay attention to sites like VTB? Maybe this will help.

    The reeducation camp that has become msm needs pushback aimed directly at corporate executives who push this toxic waste. Post their names. At least make them think twice and also allow people to make better choices as consumers.

    • Don’t forget the CEOs are educated in the modern educational system, the POMO agenda is in all portions of the academy and this skews how they think about what is and and what is not acceptable.

  2. 1. Gillette – Feminist

    Milo Yiannopoulos – Feminist – 26:21…
    “Mic’d Up – The Pope and the Homomafia. Special Guest – Milo Yiannopoulos”
    Church Militant – Premiered January 16, 2019

  3. Vlad I sent a link to your interview with Brad Johnson to a friend in the UK. Here are his insightful comments.

    3. Brad Johnson and I discuss BREXIT related events over the past few days.

    ” Interesting video. Not quite 100% correct, but raised some interesting points.

    We are in a unique position in our constitutional history. Never before has the majority in parliament been at odds with the people. There is a Remain majority in the Commons and Lords, as well as the civil service. The people have said ‘Get stuffed’.

    Unfortunately, there is not a majority for anything in the commons either, and certainly not for a second referendum as your clip suggested. Also, even if there was, the question would be determined by a UK commission, not the EU. Further, with the EU in financial chaos, Deutsche Bank technically bankrupt, Italy and Greece basket cases, growth slowing now that Quantitative Easing has been wound down, the last thing they need is for their export market to the UK being disrupted, and loosing the 39Bn bung which May has included in her unloved Deal. So we do have some negotiating cards, but where now?

    I predict that a fudged new deal will be cobbled together based on a very soft Brexit, not Brexit at all in my opinion, then May will stand down and a proper Brexiteer will become PM. Then there will be a general election and the Tories will win on a strong Brexit mandate, and will renegotiate. Well as an unbiased Brexiteer that is what I hope

    Your clip pointed out that the EU faces an internal power struggle once the UK has left. An interesting thought I hadn’t considered, but probably nothing like the punch up as to how the financial hole will be filled!! “

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