Massive swarm of locusts plagues Mecca (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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    • Bugs in God’s hut. That’s gotta suck.

      I don’t quite understand the issue here. So, let’s start by stipulating one essential fact: Insects always have played a core role in Islam.

      How core? Entire websites have been built around documenting the daily attacks and murders of jihadi terrorists. Even a cursory examination of Islamic behavioral patterns will support assertions about the core role of insects.

      How core? Well, nine out of ten scientists conclusively agree that:

      All Muslims are born with a bug up their butt.

      To paraphrase Superintendent Chalmers. “My god, the bug up Islam’s butt has a bug up its butt.”

      It doesn’t get much more core than that.

    • I’m sure everyone is. But the Bible lists Locusts because its a thing that happens over there. It doesn’t list army ants or polar bears. So less spooky perhaps than it feels. Still, hard to resist feeling like God is warning the muslims to knock it all off with the terror and the raping and the killing and the destroying of things. If God doesn’t warn them, one of us has to.

      • NR has been telling them that they are pushing people towards the decision to use canned sun light, if that isn’t a warning I don’t know what is.

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