HUGE EXPLOSIONS IN PARIS! (Probably gas from bakery at opening)

h/t Tundra Tabloids

it is almost certainly a gas explosion from a bakery at opening time at the 9th district behind the opera.

This has better photos. Looks like gas to me.

The car blown over and the windows blown out seem to indicate the blast came from inside the bakery at around opening time and knocked over the car. Had thier been a bomb in the car, the roof would have not been attached I would suspect, to the rest of the car, and it would look blown out, not crunched in from the direction of the windows.

But expert opinion is needed. I just don’t think this is a terrorist attack.


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  1. Not sure about that, Eeyore. The way the damage is spread…an explosions expert would probably assess the way the kinetic energy was directed pretty quickly. Even then will gov and msm tell the truth? Or maybe it was the mysterious Greely farmhouse that blew up a few years ago finally landing.

    • @ Johnnyu….

      At the end of the Le Figaro feed to which Vlad linked above, some of the commentaries are good. One writes reflecting if it was a terrorist attack on that Boulangerie and comes to the conclusion:

      “Des terroristes ne mangent pas de pain, seulement du coucous.”
      “Terrorists do not eat bread, only Couscous”


      • Hmm. That’s one way of looking at it. Thx Rita. Hopefully time tells more. I wonder if the rest of the day, and protests, will add context to this explosion?

        And Yucki? Paging Yucki? I know it’s Saturday and all but…

    • From the photos it could go either way, what we need is honest reporting, and we all know the chances we are going to get that.

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