Mayor of Cologne on the mega DITIB mosque and deceptions by its managers

Above video is called Mayor of Cologne, but after consulting with Egri, I think its safe to say that the rough equivalent would be a city councillor for the region the mosque is in. The women in the video below, is the actual mayor of Cologne, but the Germans look at it like many local mayors with a sort of Uber-mayor, which would be the woman below, who is still, stunningly, the mayor of Cologne.

It does however. help to know more about the DITIB mosques in Germany, which are Turkish Islamic beachheads. I mean this in no uncertain way. Even German TV before it was fully forced to the Globalist narrative did a 2 part documentary on the DITIB mosques and its imams and associates showing how supremacist they are, and made it quite clear that they are instruments of Islamic manifest destiny, and Turkish/Ottoman Islamic Manifest destiny.

Below, the Mayor of Cologne, the actual full on Mayor, Speaking at the same mosque at its grand opening:

Here is one of our videos on Turkish mosques in Germany:

Here is the 2 part series on the DITIB mosques we did a couple of years ago. If I am understanding the circumstances of this mayor in the top video correctly, it is a deep shame upon him that he did not know these things, as its out there and has been for some time.

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4 Replies to “Mayor of Cologne on the mega DITIB mosque and deceptions by its managers”

  1. I had already seen the Mayor of Cologne at the opening and I just want to puke.
    Your video selection for today is quite disturbing, not that I don’t know this material but it is being thrown back in my face once again.
    Germany has a huge problem, as does France, the UK., Belgium, The Netherlands and all the Scandinavian countries.
    What will happen is violent conflict or submission to Islam. Isn’t that what has always happened in the 1,400 year history of Islam?
    Who was it? The Animals that made a hit out of the song “Live For Today”?
    It seems that much of the West is “Living For Today.”

    • I suppose that when Merckel, Macron, Junker and May, (not to mention anyone I have forgot) have no children to inherit this world, let alone Western Civilization, this is entirely understandable.
      I understand that Fidel Castro’s grandson is doing the usual “bad boy but very rich” junket in Europe.

    • You write: It seems that much of the West is “Living For Today.”
      TRUE. Too many Western nations have abandoned religion, aka Christianity. They will either fall to Islam or enter civil wars.
      There’s no such thing as an atheist nation that survived throughout history.

    • It will be violent conflict, the people are already acquiring firearms for self defense, as things deteriorate and the EU falls apart they will start getting combat weapons.

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