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3 Replies to “Globe Bull Warming”

  1. Carbon Credit. Indulgences.

    Congratulations, and blast your sharp, beady little eyes, PC. My mind made the instantaneous connection between carbon credits and pre-Reformation religious indulgences, too—exactly as Dixon Diaz intended, I’m sure.

    Your dastardly intelligence forces me to escalate, exactly as you intended, I’m sure. You blackguard!

    So, I’ll have to see your, “Carbon Credit. Indulgences.”, and raise you by a ‘filk’ of the entire cartoon’s dialogue. Ha! So there!

    I became a Cultural Marxism presenter.

    You mean you joined a religious cult?


    Cultural Marxism is a religious cult.

    (Cultural Marxism, putting the “cult” back in “cultural”.)

    You believe in things you can’t see or prove, you attack and ridicule all evidence to the contrary…

    You sell ‘social credits’ as a means for sinners to repent, you warn of horrible punishment for not believing…

    And you constantly try to convert the nonbelievers while your leader gets rich from your unpaid labor.

    That’s a cult!

    Changing eight peasely words is all it took to transpose Diaz’s brilliant logic onto the working template of Cultural Marxism. That alone should be a clue as to just how parallel (i.e., perfectly aligned in ideology and executive agenda) rails of The Great Warmening™ and the Frankfurt School run alongside each other.

    Hokay, PC. Consider that a glove thrown down so as to goad you into doing an identical ‘filk’ with the dialogue referring to Islam (while changing eight words or less). You know you want to…

    [glances over at Johnnyu in midstride towards the on deck circle]

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