Yellow Vest Protests Act 7:

In the Reader’s Links post the past couple of days there are a lot of stunning videos showing what is taking place in France. It is well worth taking the time to go through them. They are not just random riot videos. Things take place.

This one needs to be seen though. It appears more like a kind of street war between police acting for Macron, a fiat army rather than a law enforcement action, and the public.

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7 Replies to “Yellow Vest Protests Act 7:”

  1. This had to be an isolated incident or there would be a lot more videos on the net. Either a group of cops went rogue or this was a test to see what the public reaction will be to a massive increase in violence by the police. Odds are 50 – 50 on which is the right conclusion. We will have to wait and see what happens next, will the protesters be out tomorrow and on the first? Will they come out again next week end?

      • If they are resorting to this level of violence it is because the French Government is desperate. The problem is that they (the government) waited until now,, using this much violence at the beginning would have crushed the revolt, waiting this long. Bad move the protesters have had a month and a half to orginize and ger use to the idea of rebellion. Resorting to this level naw is a real big mistake.

  2. The French police tactics remind of Roman’s with their shield formations. Although these days they rely heavily on tear gas and police vans.

    • The old Roman tactic of a shield wall to stop the charges has been proven effective for thousands of years, why change a winning tactic?

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