Interesting coin from 1934

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There is worthy discussion in the comments about the nature of this coin and its meaning. It is a pin, not a coin, is point one. It is a German Worker’s Party pin, which means Nazi, and the hammer and sickle are said to be an Austrian coat of arms. But is that then NOT connected to the Communist symbol?

More research needs to be done to understand this item. Please do read the comments.

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  1. Can someone explain why the Nazis would use the symbols of their arch enemies? Hitler hated the communists. Why use their symbols on a coin.

    • The reason I posted it is because National Socialists, (Nazis) and International Socialists, (Soviets) were far from enemies, they were in fact nearly indistinguishable. Watch some Hitler speeches sometime. Its Marx chapter and verse. At one point, Hitler broke his deal with russia and attacked, then suddenly its “arch-enemies” but before that, the American left tried to keep the US out of the war against Hitler because he was a natural ally.

      Watch the Soviet Story which PC posted here for details and proof in film.

      The greatest lie ever told is that Hitler was “right wing”.

      Right wing means small limited government who’s prime job is to protect the rights of the individual, namely liberalism. Does that sound like Hitler?

      Nazis and communists both feel the individual has zero worth. Its all for the state and the state is God, and God, must be destroyed, as he stands for the individual, and voluntary morals and ethics. Anathema to the left.

    • The leaders of the Fascist movement were communist who left communism because they saw that communism wouldn’t work. Their stated goal was to create a Marxism that would work, they failed but they were trying to remain loyal to Marx.

  2. Interesting. There’s no currency value on it, so I wonder what it was used for.
    It seems to be a mix of Russian and German. The Russians had the hammer, sickle, and eagle.

      • Funny.

        I spent a few days visiting East Berlin some three years after the Wall came down, before reconstruction. A really interesting visit.

        I was at a market with stalls selling 1950-era dresses and many stands were into military equipment for sale, such as generals’ uniforms, gas masks, and loads of boxes filled with medals of valor – all .25 cents each.

        I picked up one medal to examine it, I dropped it, I started to bend down to pick it up. The owner of the stand stopped me, NIET. He came around and crushed it with his heel.

        BTW, I didn’t see anybody smiling, not even the babies. And all shoes were straight, no left or right shoe. Easy to replace, one shoe at a time.

        • Yes, I can visualize stomping on a symbol that represents such abuse of force. Compelled to stfu, to demonstrate total loyalty to the brutal.

          It has _zero_ charm for those who lived through it.
          I trashed a set of folder icons with a Soviet theme. I’m ashamed I once thought them “cute”. Didn’t associate them with the horrors experienced by my dearest and nearest.

    • The eagle is an old German symbol dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. The more modern stylized eagle on the hakenkreuz was used in Nazi Germany by the NDSAP, which used the eagle facing its left shoulder as in this pin; this was referred to as the Parteiadler.. When the eagle was facing its right shoulder it was the official national symbol and referred to as the Reichsadler.

  3. Read “The Chief Culprit” (and I do NOT mean an Amazon/Wikipedia summary of it) by Viktor Suvorov to see just how close were the Nazis and Stalin. IIRC his earlier work “Icebreaker” is available on PDF for those unwilling to spend and willing to look and it follows the same thesis. I wont repeat its message here.
    The way that this book was ignored and criticized across the world is typical of the Leftist repression of truth everywhere . There is nothing in this book that disagrees with my own studies of that time , that is why I believe it
    There is no point in fighting islam until the Left has been defanged and forced to come to terms with sanity and this will take civil war and all of its evils.

    • There is no point in fighting islam until the Left has been defanged and forced to come to terms with sanity and this will take civil war and all of its evils.

      Sixteen years ago, I would have disagreed with you. Such was my focus back then on the misleadingly conspicuous evils of Islam. Cultural Marxism was not quite on my radar.

      Knowing what I do now (for over the past decade) and having the tragic insight from watching Europe too-calmly slide under the waves, your words stand, Michelle.

    • Look at the actions of the left in all Western nations, they are working to create civil wars in all of the nations that compose what is left of Western Civilization. The civil wars they want will do a lot of damage but in the long run the big losers will be the far left.

    • “A former Soviet army intelligence officer, the author explains that Stalin’s strategy leading up to World War II grew from Vladimir Lenin’s belief that if World War I did not ignite the worldwide Communist revolution, then a second world war would be needed to achieve it. Stalin saw Nazi Germany as the power that would fight and weaken capitalist countries so that Soviet armies could then sweep across Europe.”

      As the Japanese weakened China and now Islam has weakedned Europe. Uprise the Nationalists, and the hen house is no longer protected.

  4. It’s a German workers party pin not a coin. And I believe the hammer and sickle are Austrian. Google the Austrian coat of arms in 1934.They just swapped out the eagle.

    • NOT the Austrian coat of arms of 1934! The Austrian coat of arms that shows an eagle holding a hammer and sickle in it’s claws, also with a broken chain, is the post war symbol of Austrian getting it’s freedom from the Russian occupiers of WW2.

  5. NOT the Austrian coat of arms of 1934! The Austrian coat of arms that shows an eagle holding a hammer and sickle in it’s claws, also with a broken chain, is the post war symbol of Austria getting it’s freedom from the Russian occupiers of WW2.

  6. German pin made for ‘Tag der Arbeit’ or Workers’ Day on May 1st 1934. Nothing to do with Austria since the ‘Anschluss’ or so-called reunification was on March 12th 1938.

    Reason for the hammer and sickle because it symbolized the union of factory workers and farmers. By this time in Germany, the communist party was already neutralized and rank-and-file as well as some leaders – if not already co-opted to the NSDAP or Nazi Party – were already enjoying the regime’s ‘hospitality’ in places like Dachau. The NSDAP wanted to show that they were also really represented the workers & farmers and not the DKP or Communists.

    I saw an exhibition once which showed the similarity in the types of propaganda used by the Communist and National Socialist parties in film, sculpture and ‘realist’ art, music and of course posters etc.

  7. During the early years of national socialism, there was a tussle between those who wanted it to major on socialism (I think Goebbels was in this group) and those who wanted it to major on nationalism. Hitler eventually repudiated the pro-socialist group, at least officially. I assume this medallion is part of that campaign.

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