A scene from a German bus

From Facebook with thanks to MissPiggy:

Downtown: passenger hitting bus driver

This morning the police are investigating after a passenger in Eschweiler, Germany, attacked a bus driver around 8 a.m. Before the passenger punched the bus driver he was screaming in the bus. The offender fled with his girlfriend before the police arrived.

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  1. Imagine what would happen if they actually started showing stuff like that on the mainstream media. The normies are being told that Muslims are like the Jews fleeing the Nazis in World War II – a bunch of Ann Franks writing in their diaries as they hide behind the wall in the attic from the white Christian right-wing haters who persecute them. The mainstream media absolutely religiously refuses to show the truth and the general population has no idea what is happening. Listen to that Muslim guy. He is not the only one who thinks like that. He is clearly an enemy soldier impatiently awaiting his orders to attack, is he not? He is not in Germany because he really likes Germany. Surely even a leftist can see that…

    • “Surely even a leftist can see that…”

      Of course they can. That is why leftists insist on bringing them to the West. They have a common goal. Oh wait, you mean, “Surely even a useful idiot can see that…”

      I dunno you would have to ask those two Scandinavian girls who went hiking in Morocco.

      • I hate to be melodramatic but this is really shaping up to be a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Apparently, there are a lot more “school shooters” out there than we ever imagined and they are all pulling together to see our better-than-it’s-ever-been world turn into a flaming warring hell-hole. I think we are victims of people who would like to have the courage to commit suicide and would like to take the rest of us along with them for letting them down so bitterly. And I think they are working hand-in-hand with foreign enemies, of which there are many…

        I guess the two Scandinavian backpackers are in heaven right now playing tiddlywinks with that guy who took his girlfriend up to live with the grizzly bears and got them both eaten. I don’t exactly know why but I have a great suppressed hostility toward people who do shit like that…

        • I don’t exactly know why but I have a great suppressed hostility toward people…

          I do too, but I think I know why I do.
          Chillul Hashem
          It means desecration of G-d’s name.

          In this case: Created in G-d’s image, we have a responsibility to use the gifts He gave us. To allow ourselves to be slaughtered like helpless sheep is a sin.

        • this is really shaping up to be a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil

          That is exactly what is occurring, we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. Some people will try and confuse the issue by saying it is us versus them but it is really good versus evil.

  2. Are the European governments going to start the violence as the crack down on the Yellow Vests or will the Islamic Invaders bring out the weapons and proclaim themselves as the new rulers?

      • That is probably the scary future Europe faces, ours is just as scary but a different kind of scary. Here we will quickly kick the idea of any type of a stand up fight out of the left but it will take a lot longer to stop the terror campaign they will then use.

    • And both cases remind me of this:

      The precise scientific terminology that’s used in laboratories around the world is, “chimp-out”. Often quantized using the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale of categories, you might hear an observer say: “The bludger threw a cat 5 chimp-out!”

      Below is one of the all time greatest chimp-outs. While no screaming, profanity or actual violence occurs, it’s equally apparent that Nicki Minaj’s backup dancer, James “King Tight” Blackston, knowingly and intentionally seeks to intimidate fellow passengers on a Japanese train by being a complete and total rectal cavity.

      It should come as no surprise that, just hours later, this same tosser and another thuggish entourage musician were named as sole suspects in the 2012 rape and murder of Minaj fan, Nicola Furlong.

      Small wonder why Japanese people can be so xenophobic. Especially after being exposed to something like Blackston’s ill-mannered and disrespectful baboonery.

  3. If I’d already had breakfast before watching the video of that gross idiotic piece of shit on the Japanese train, I’d have been thrown up. “Fortunately”, I watched it before breakfast. Having had the privilege of visiting Japan myself, I know how kind, polite and generous the Japanese can be. Human nature is such that we tend to judge groups, even whole ethnicities, by our experience with just one of their members. If I go out today and meet my first Martian, and am impressed by his kindness, courtesy and so on, I’ll form a good general impression about Martians (at least I would have done when I was younger and more naive about the world and its nature).

    I really really hope that the Japanese will maintain their current stance of keeping out of their country (yes, THEIR COUNTRY) the people they don’t wish to come in. South Korea, very sadly, is a bit too soft, too conce rned about “the eyes of the world” and the UN, and this relative softness, combined with an abysmal birthrate, is likely to be their undoing.

  4. The (expletive deleted’s) companions on the train were almost as bad. They failed to stop him, behaved as if he was funny.

    • The (expletive deleted’s) companions on the train were almost as bad. They failed to stop him, behaved as if he was funny.

      What’s this “almost” qualifier?!? Anyone who’s familiar with Ebonics, knows that, “Aw, com’on King, leave ’em alone”, translates into:

      Dude, you are so funny and in their faces. Go for it!

      My Fink-o-Matic? Mark II Codespeak Decryption App indicates that saying, “leave ’em alone”, tells King how he’s been taken notice of and now has the rapt of attention of his homeys. The only other function of their conspicuously ineffectual exhortations—should they later have been asked interrogated by law enforcement—is to gin up a fig leaf of plausible deniability (no matter how preposterous).

      However dated, this train incident still remains a premier example of ghetto thug dog-whistling. How to tell? For starters, had even just one of King Tight’s pals accomplices felt the slightest genuine apprehension, he would have physically intervened and restrained the insufferable little prancing @ssclown.

      That Blackston would soon enough book-end his obnoxious public display with an after show evening’s sadistic entertainment—by participating in the rape and murder of Nicola Furlong—is just him keeping in character salt in civilization’s wound. Clearly, there is a shared behavioral pattern of inadequate restraint (i.e., poor Impulse Control).

      Since no such intercession happened on the train, it means you can bet the farm that not a single one of these tenement türds gave a moment’s thought about what sort of outward impression—as overseas travelers—they might be creating in a foreign land. It also opens speculation as to whether anyone in King Tight’s claque gave a damn about their unavoidable role as unofficial American ambassadors.

      Finally, for a people of color that routinely bases their decisions strictly along lines of racial identity (politics) to act like this abroad, then return home and throw blubbering tantrums about waycism how they are almost universally reviled represents cognitive dissonance on a transcendent scale.

  5. When the Germans wake up and realize they have been lied to- especially since 1945- the pendulum will swing back the other way. How much, is the question.

    It will be the same in other countries when the population wakes up and realizes they have been deliberately lied to and covertly attacked for decades at a minimum.

    Those responsible will be identified, and will then hope that justice will be applied according to the law, rather than the violent solution.

    The Kallergi-Coudhove Plan is unfortunately real for Europe (for example), but is just a piece of the overall mosaic. Similar ideas have been expressed and/or implemented elsewhere in other places- open your eyes, remove the blinkers you have been given, and you will start to see… Why are there members of the RoP everywhere these days? It goes beyond a Left/Right paradigm.
    Chi bono?

    Look deeper, readers of Vlad Tepes blog.

    Mohammed is unbearable to live with, but why not get us and him to fight, while they watch and pick up the pieces afterwards? If there is no political solution, then we are ‘pushed’ to the ‘inevitable’ ‘war for civilization’.

    Cui bono?

    Perhaps we (both sides) are both in reality being played ((on different intellectual levels (of course)).

    The question for you to answer, is by whom?

    • If you are trying to spin the usual antisemitic BS please just come out and say it. This seemingly cowardly approach to it is not even becoming of a Nazi or a Muslim. They say who the problem is as they see it.

      The actual answer to your question is the communists, or whatever flavour of leftism is in fashion these days. Some of whom are Jewish, many of which are women, some of which are black, but most of which by raw numbers are white males. Just as Communists and Nazis also are mostly white males.

      The good news is, none of that matters. What does, is the ideology that motivates people’s actions. And that motivation is Islam and leftism, which on the level that matters to Western Civilization, is indistinguishable.

      • … that motivation is Islam and leftism, which on the level that matters to Western Civilization, is indistinguishable.

        Bravo, Eeyore! What a superb defense of Free Speech (regardless of how offensive its content may be).

        It’s rapidly becoming a distinction without a difference as to whether or not all of them are using the Frankfurt School’s well-thumbed playbook, as authored by Cloward–Piven and Alinsky.

        PoMo deconstruction of Western Civilization—along with a burgeoning use of unprovoked violence to do so—fully merits generalized inclusion with Islamic terrorism, just as ecoterrorism and other varietals thereof, more and more, are resembling “old terrorist wine in a new bottle” (as it were).

        Compounding the entire situation is how tyrannies and theocracies—along with whatever ubiquitous assortment of [cough] wingnuts, lamebrains and conspiracy loons—need not be reading from the Culturally Marxist owner’s manual in order to accomplish its strategic ends. North Korea is (admittedly partial) proof of this.

        NOTE: At the very least, North Korea’s brand of Dynastic Stalinism represents a genetic sport of mainstream Cultural Marxism. Only through the lens and optics of cognitive dissonance can Kim Jong-Un’s rhetorical tantrums be deemed “Politically Correct”.

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