Real working Canadians start yellow vest demo against Trudopian policies

The more I think about Walmart taking yellow vests off of the shelves and making them available by mail order only, the more evil it seems.

To get it by mail, means you have to give your name and address and the date of purchase is all on record. Given Trudeau’s declared plans to put state surveillance on all who oppose his policies of total destruction of the polity of Canada, I think this is cause for concern.

Let’s hope we can buy the damn things for cash at Canadian Tire for the moment. If so, whether you have plans to go to a demo or not, I suggest you go get one and NOT order one from Amazon or anywhere it is to be delivered and paid by CC.

Get it at a store, and pay cash, and keep it till you realize its your one ticket to having a voice in Trudopia.


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  1. Home Depot also has them online. But I’m certain they also have them in stock at the store location. Construction building materials stores would also have them and maybe sports’ equipment/clothing stores.

    I agree with your assessment. Something wrong re Wallmart. And something wrong with our government. We live in nasty times.

  2. First-person reports tell me, today, that Western Dystopia is spittin’ mad at Eastern Dear Leader. They’re ready to go, so to speak. And I would say that if we were just coming out of recession we would be correct to believe that the coming prosperity would fix all. This time it’s different, though. Recession has not yet settled in and people are already angry. Ottawa has stymied pipelines and the flow of Western crude. Today it was near $21/barrel–the cheapest oil IN THE WORLD. Yet still it has difficulty finding its way to market because of Dystopia central planning. There is no where to go but down, it seems, from here.

    Old chart:

  3. Canada is further along the road to dictatorship, but only because we elected Trump, if the Dems manage to get him impeached and removed from office the US will follow the same path.

  4. I just don’t understand how many kicks in the balls Albertans are willing to take from Ottawa yet to still say, “We want to be part of this (“Canada”)”. It’s the weakest position possible and Ottawa laughs at Albertans’ constant begging to be included in a club designed to fleece her; it’ll never happen.

  5. The more I think about Walmart taking yellow vests off of the shelves and making them available by mail order only, the more evil it seems.

    It is evil and it’s yet one more insanely good reason to NEVER. PATRONIZE. WALMART.

    Walmart shoppers basically pay the Walton family for sending their jobs to Red China.

    Idiot municipalities dangle major property tax relief, zoning grace periods, and other incentives to get a big box Walmart built in their cities. As part of getting up and running, Walmart provides new employees with training presentations that show how to apply for government benefits like TANF, SNAP, Free School Lunches, heavily subsidized Daycare or Preschool, along with Welfare.

    One immediate effect is that—while suicidally cost-sensitive consumers save a bare few dollars—the town’s long-established “mom & pop” stores all get run out of business by Walmart. Not only does this hollow out the urban core but it often destroys any character the place used to have.

    Only then does the city council get to discover how Walmart is a NET FINANCIAL DRAIN on local taxpayers.

    … But only after the entire surrounding economy has been destroyed mais bien sûr.

    Again, shop Walmart at your own peril. Restricting Yellow Vests to mail-order-only is just one more fine example of the intense animosity and deep contempt that Walmart has for America’s (and most other countries’) middle class. You’d best bet that idiot Communist Chinese Walmart shoppers have no idea that they are paying Walmart to export their jobs to Vietnam, Indonesia, and several other of Asia’s rising “mini-dragons”.

    And the Globalist band played on.

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