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4 Replies to “French police exhausted from Yellow Vest protests”

  1. This sounds good for the protesters, if the police are being pushed to the point they want to join the protesters the French Government doesn’t have much time left.

  2. French police exhausted from Yellow Vest protests

    Pauvres petits choux!

    The important takeaway from this difficult-to-sympathize-with video is that; by week six or seven the Gendarmes will be so fatigued that they’ll hardly be able to lift their batons to club any protestors.

    Good old sticktoitiveness (i.e., perseverance) will come through for you every time.

    EPILOGUE: Although I doubt it will ever see the light of day, buried in some deep, unlit records room at police headquarters HR there must be a red-flagged and sidelined report detailing the intense demoralization that Gallic law enforcement officers experience when forced to physically assault their concitoyens.

    • It would also touch off the major revolution, I think Macron is stupid enough to do this I don’t know that all of his advisors are, if enough of them are sane enough to fight that effort it won’t occur for a month or more.

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