Soros influence in Hungary, Pay to Play, and “Worse than Hitler!”: Links 1, December 14, 18

1. A Soros Rent-a-Riot Comes to Budapest

Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends the following report to give you a fuller picture of what is happening in Hungary — how outside forces are arranging for domestic disturbances in an attempt to destabilize the Orbán government.

(Please do click over to GoV and read this. The actual message of the anti-Orban protestors is classic far left and anti-semitic as those who watch the left, have come to expect)

2. Update on Pay to Play, the biggest scandal in US history that still hasn’t been prosecuted

3. Uyghur Cleric: The Chinese Are Genocidal by Nature, Worse Than Hitler

Thank you all who sent in materials! You know who you are! More to come today.


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4 Replies to “Soros influence in Hungary, Pay to Play, and “Worse than Hitler!”: Links 1, December 14, 18”

  1. Trump is a fool. Why doesn’t he ask Schumer: “Chuck, do you have anything against
    the wall in Israel? Why not? Do you have any alarm system in your villa? Why? Do
    you have a FireWall on your computer that’s not called ‘come-in-please!’? Why?”

  2. 1- After all that the Hungarian people have been through, and after all they have accomplished since the Soviets left, I am always amazed at the stubborn idiocy of communists. They are utterly brainwashed, useless and destructive. Let the free market of ideas reign–indeed–and let, too, enemies of a free country be dealt with resolutely. Thank you again CrossWare.

  3. “Belgian (Thought) Cops Arrest Driver of Hungarian Anti-migration Van”
    by Selwyn Duke – December 12, 2018

    “Hungary accuses Brussels of censorship after ‘police action against controversial billboard'”
    by Rita Palfi & Alice Tidey – December 7, 2018

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