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6 Replies to “Nigel Farage has lost the plot”

  1. Something happened to him. Maybe bribes in $$$. I can’t think of anything else to justify his SUDDEN change of attitude as of a few months ago.
    It is said everybody can be bought, only the price changes.

  2. O.K. Devil’s advocate here. Farage is a very perceptive guy. Perhaps he seeks to distance himself from T.R. because of his Luton soccer hooligan image, complete with some violent encounters and the rap for mortgage fraud that put him in the carsy for a spell. Add to that his unmarketable “common” accent and way of speaking, and there’s not much chance he could win over many undecided voters out there. They need to hear logical reasoned thinking, coming from a cultured mouth that sounds authoritative. Lets watch Nigel and see what he does next. I don’t yet think he is a sell out. Yet.

    • I don’t think he is a sell out at all.

      I think if it was as you say however, he would refrain from being aggressively negative about the current leader and TR. and instead, refrain from saying anything at all about them, and focus on selling to his base as he sees it. Or as you suspect he may see it.

      This rant was destructive. To distance himself he just had to say nothing. I cannot see a positive side to this.

      I do see that there can be genuine concerns about the rising power of Tommy Robinson in the UK and for the reasons you stated. But I cannot see how it does the cause of preserving the UK, or England as it was any good by that tirade against what at the moment is the only alternative to Corbyn and May, the Pale horse and Death. You decide which is which.

      • I want to think that Farage will do a Maxime Bernier and come back into the fray with a new party. Unfortunately, that will take a while to develop, perhaps a year or three, and time is something of which the U.K. has very little. The enemy is the reproductive demographic of the “New Citizens” which all of us on this forum are well aware of.

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