Global Migration Compact = OIC, UN Hijra to West

Tatjana Festerling, formerly of PEGIDA when it was a massive organization, sent me some interesting graphics today:

Notice how the ‘End of Chapter’ mark in the Koran is basically identical to the logo for the global migration (to the West) pact.

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2 Replies to “Global Migration Compact = OIC, UN Hijra to West”

  1. It’s a stamp of supremacy. They have utter contempt for the infidel world. But their exultation is premature.

    Qatar pays for this symbolic BS, but will it abide by the terms of the UN accord? Nonsense. The Turk is preening with his Ottoman swastika. We’ll meet that challenge like its predecessor – sooner or later he’ll be squashed like a bug.

    Trudeau is doing the shahada-boogie already. So’s the communist in Spain and the feckless Dutch. Brussels doesn’t need a UN mandate for ethnic Belgians to euthanize themselves.

    But it’s MOOT without the consent of the Big Guys: USA, China, Russia, Visegrád, rich East Asian and Arab countries. We’re a deal-breaker.

    So let the Moroccans yodel. Let them cuddle up with the Mauritanians and sing kumbaya together with the “Palestinians” and the “Rohingya”.

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