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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the continued attention given to the Muslim Brotherhood operative killed at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey”

  1. To date, this is the only worthwhile report I’ve seen about the Kashoggi murder.

    For criminey’s sake, the guy was a Muslim Brotherhood cheerleader. The MSM doesn’t even mention how Turkey orchestrated this entire propaganda deluge better than Henry Mancini. Now, is there any way to get Fetullah Gulen somewhere near the Turkish border? Why the USA is sheltering this anti-American troll totally escapes me.

  2. October 17, 2018 – RomanMEF – Podcast/Soundcloud
    Joseph Humire and Tarek Fatah Cover Hezbollah and the Latest on Saudi Arabia’s New Troubles

    **No. 4** What Does the Khashoggi Affair have to Do with the Gulf Cooperation Council Cold War?
    “10 Key Questions About The Khashoggi Affair To Answer Before Buying The Press Narrative” by Lee Smith – October 15, 2018

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